How to Cure “Oneitis”

How to cure oneitis

Dis­cover how to get over that “one spe­cial girl”

Oneitis is when you become so roman­ti­cally obsessed with “one spe­cial girl” that you become blinded to other women. Guys suf­fer­ing from the so-called “one-itis” dis­ease tend to have a com­pletely unre­al­is­tic ide­al­iza­tion of the object of their desires.

Typ­i­cally your affec­tion is unrec­i­p­ro­cated and by putting her on a pedestal, you’ll very likely blow your chances with her. It’s very likely that she’s already rel­e­gated you to the Friend Zone and it’s going to be near impos­si­ble to get out.

In this post I’ll high­light some of the prob­lems of fix­at­ing on one woman and clue you in on the only way to cure oneitis.

Oneitis Puts Her a Pedestal 

Because you feel that this one per­son is so spe­cial and unique you’ll worry too much about what she thinks and put unnec­es­sary pres­sure on your­self. You’ll be so ner­vous when you see her that it’ll be dif­fi­cult for you to relax and lead the inter­ac­tion with the easy-going con­fi­dence that women look for in a man.

Also remem­ber that women are attracted to men of high sta­tus who are not afraid to express their own opin­ions. By being too fix­ated on this one girl, you’ll risk sti­fling the con­ver­sa­tion by always try­ing to say the right thing to please her. You’ll prob­a­bly try to get her opin­ion on things before express­ing your own, not real­iz­ing that this will jeop­ar­dize your chances with her.

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Oneitis Blinds You To Possibilities

One of the biggest prob­lems of becom­ing fix­ated with one per­son is that it blinds you to the pos­si­bil­i­ties out there. Approach­ing many women has a lot of advan­tages, even if there are one or two peo­ple who are espe­cially inter­est­ing to you.

Don’t for­get that you’ll never really know what a woman is like until you take the time to talk to her and you’ll often be pleas­antly sur­prised what you dis­cover. Also approach­ing dif­fer­ent women gives you prac­ti­cal expe­ri­ence at devel­op­ing your inter­per­sonal and con­ver­sa­tional skills and will help you to be more con­fi­dent and relaxed when the stakes are higher.

She Might Not Feel The Same Way About You

Your infat­u­a­tion with her indi­rectly com­mu­ni­cates to her that you are not a man of high sta­tus and reduces your attrac­tive­ness. This results in a com­plete trans­fer of power from you to her. When she senses this, her sex­ual inter­est in you will be erad­i­cated (if there was any to begin with).

Another advan­tage of play­ing the field ver­sus get­ting hung up on one girl, is that you’ll learn to iden­tify the signs that a girl likes you. This will help you avoid wast­ing time and energy on some­one who doesn’t feel mutu­ally about you.

Oneitis Robs You of Your Time and Energy

The goal with unre­cep­tive women is to iden­tify them and move on as quickly as pos­si­ble. They’re time sinks. Typ­i­cally if a woman is unre­cep­tive it’s for a good rea­son and you’re almost never going to change her mind, and even if you could it’s often not worth the effort.

If she shuts you down, tells you she’s not inter­ested, tells you she has a boyfriend, tells you she wants to just be friends: move on! Don’t fool your­self into think­ing that you’ll win her over or that she’ll come to her senses.

Seri­ously get over it and move on. You’re wast­ing your time. There are 3.5 bil­lion women on this planet. I don’t care how spe­cial you think she is, there’s another one out there who is just as spe­cial who will be recep­tive to you.

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Oneitis Will Blow Your Chances With Her

The sad­dest irony of suf­fer­ing from oneitis is that if your dream girl dom­i­nates your every wak­ing thought, you will not be think­ing clearly and will make mis­takes around her. For exam­ple you might try to time your lunch break with hers and try to “coin­ci­den­tally” run into her some­where where you know she’ll be in advance.

Women are a lot more intu­itive than you might think and these kind of stunts will become obvi­ous to her very quickly. Your ner­vous and clingy behav­ior will make you come across as needy and des­per­ate, mak­ing you even more unat­trac­tive to her. This is sure to creep her out and blow your chances with her.

How to Cure Oneitis 

The most com­monly pre­scribed treat­ment to get over oneitis is (sur­prise, sur­prise) to play the field and approach other women.

I know this takes guts because it means you’ll have to put your­self out there, but you’ll soon dis­cover that there are plenty of attrac­tive and inter­est­ing girls out there wor­thy of your attention. Sleep with a few of them and your infat­u­a­tion with that “one spe­cial girl” will very likely quickly fade into a dis­tant memory.

Iron­i­cally your increased suc­cess with other women will not only boost your con­fi­dence, but it’s also one of the few ways to make you more attrac­tive to that “one spe­cial girl”. This time though you won’t be so ner­vous because you’ll know that she’s just one of many fish in the sea and who knows, you might have a shot with her after all!

Are you suf­fer­ing from oneitis or strug­gling to get out of the friend zone with a girl you can’t seem to get your mind off? Let me know in the comments.

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