How to Attract Younger Women

Attracting younger women

Dis­cover how to attract younger women with ease.

So you want to know how to attract younger women, huh? You’ll be happy to know that your age is less impor­tant than most men think.

Most women say they’re look­ing for a man the same age as them and up to seven years older. This does not mean women are not open to dat­ing out­side their stated range. Charisma, per­son­al­ity and great con­ver­sa­tion skills can trump age up to a point. This is where meet­ing peo­ple in per­son has the advan­tage over online dat­ing.

Of course every­one has their limit. If you’re sixty and hit­ting on twenty-five year old women, you’ll need to be an out­stand­ing indi­vid­ual with sev­eral com­pen­sat­ing fac­tors thrown in (e.g. fame and wealth) to have any chance of suc­cess. Hugh Hefner of Play­boy mag­a­zine is a great example.

For more rea­son­able gaps, you can attract younger women by pro­ject­ing the best pos­si­ble image of your­self. This means keep­ing your­self in good phys­i­cal con­di­tion, dress­ing well, liv­ing an attrac­tive lifestyle and being charm­ing and confident.

Men Stay Attrac­tive Longer

Stud­ies show that men’s phys­i­cal attrac­tive­ness peaks at around 31, but recedes quite slowly after that. In fact the aver­age 45 year old man is con­sid­ered as phys­i­cally attrac­tive as the aver­age 18 year old. (Women have things a lot worse. Their phys­i­cal attrac­tive­ness peaks at 21 and recedes much quicker than a man’s.)

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Evo­lu­tion­ary Biol­ogy is to Blame

You can blame your nat­ural attrac­tion for beau­ti­ful, young women on evo­lu­tion­ary biology. Over thou­sands of years, men and women devel­oped pref­er­ences for sex­ual part­ners based on cri­te­ria that allowed for suc­cess­ful child rearing.

So it’s per­fectly nor­mal and nat­ural for an older man to be attracted to young women with clear skin, beau­ti­ful smiles, full breasts and ideal hip-to-waist ratios because these have always been signs of health and fertility.

Your Life Expe­ri­ence is Sexy

For­tu­nately women evolved dif­fer­ently. In an uncer­tain world, women devel­oped a pref­er­ence for men able to pro­tect and pro­vide for her and her chil­dren. So what older men may lack in phys­i­cal attrac­tive­ness, they can make up for with life experience.

Life expe­ri­ence makes men more con­fi­dent, respon­si­ble, knowl­edge­able, calm, col­lected, charm­ing and charis­matic. Add finan­cial sta­bil­ity and you have many of the ingre­di­ents that women of all ages are look­ing for in a man.

So it’s not really sur­pris­ing that many older men are suc­cess­fully able to attract younger women. Fol­low the tips below and you can too!

Raise the Age Objec­tion First

Here’s a top tip to attract younger women. When you meet a young woman who you find attrac­tive, raise the age objec­tion before she does, as if it’s a prob­lem for you. Play­fully tease her with some­thing like:

I don’t know if a young girl like you can sat­isfy the needs of an older, mature man.”

Qual­ify a young woman by mak­ing it seem as if you’re unsure of her life expe­ri­ence. Women absolutely love a chal­lenge so by express­ing your doubts in her abil­ity to sat­isfy you, she’ll sub­con­sciously want to prove you wrong and you’ll auto­mat­i­cally become more attrac­tive to her.

Look Younger With The Right Cloth­ing and Haircut

While women tend to be more open-minded when it comes to age and phys­i­cal appear­ance, as an older man look­ing to attract younger women, you should make a big effort to ensure that you at least look young for your age.

Your wardrobe and per­sonal groom­ing can make a world of dif­fer­ence in pro­ject­ing a younger and more attrac­tive image. Most men hate shop­ping and wear the same clothes for many years, totally obliv­i­ous to new trends.

Start shop­ping at trendy cloth­ing stores where you can get pro­fes­sional fash­ion advice and replace your con­ser­v­a­tive and poorly fit­ting cloth­ing. I also rec­om­mend get­ting a sub­scrip­tion to a men’s mag­a­zine like GQ to stay abreast of new fash­ions and to develop a sense for taste­ful style.

Women notice this stuff. So even once you’ve upgraded your wardrobe, you should still pick up a few new items of sea­sonal cloth­ing or acces­sories each month. This will keep your look fresh and will help to get you noticed by younger women.

If you wear glasses, exchange generic eye­glasses for con­tact lenses, or at least upgrade to a mod­ern pair of designer frames. If you’ve not changed your hair­style for years, try a mod­ern cut at a pro­fes­sional hair styl­ist rather than your local barbershop. 

Also if your hair is very grey and you want to attract women a lot younger than you, you might con­sider dying your hair to project a younger image. If you’re bald­ing, you’ll prob­a­bly look bet­ter with a short cut or con­sider shav­ing your hair off com­pletely.

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Improve Your Fit­ness and Nutrition

Phys­i­cal fit­ness is attrac­tive to women and this is an area where young guys clearly have an advan­tage over older men. Sorry, no short­cuts here. If you’re not in shape, do some­thing about it. Getting your­self into a good phys­i­cal con­di­tion will do won­ders for your con­fi­dence and self-esteem.

Whether you’re look­ing to lose weight, gain weight, or sim­ply tone up, excel­lent nutri­tion and weight train­ing are the way to go. Join a gym and get a per­sonal trainer for a few weeks if you can afford it. Focus on com­pound exer­cises that stim­u­late mul­ti­ple mus­cle groups at the same time.

For exam­ple: squats, bench press, mil­i­tary press, dead lifts, leg press, back rows, pull ups, and dips. These exer­cises will help you to build strength as well as increase coor­di­na­tion and bal­ance. Also don’t for­get to do exer­cises to build your core strength. A strong mid­sec­tion not only looks great, but will help to improve your pos­ture and increase energy levels.

I’m per­son­ally a big fan of work­ing out with ket­tle­bells and I’ve had great results with Ryan Shanahan’s Ket­tle­worx Pro­gram. I also enjoy the body weight exer­cises described in Mark Lauren’s book You Are Your Own Gym.

Make Attrac­tive Lifestyle Choices

Attractive lifestyle choices

Attract younger women with your lifestyle choices.

Lifestyle choices are key to attract­ing beau­ti­ful young women. At the gym I go to there are sev­eral moti­vat­ing pic­tures hang­ing on the wall. How­ever, for me the most inspir­ing is not a pic­ture of a pos­ing body builder, but a pic­ture of a fit, middle-aged man walk­ing down a sandy beach car­ry­ing his surf­board with the waves rolling in behind him.

Despite his age, this man’s youth­ful atti­tude and pas­sion for surf­ing make him an inspi­ra­tion to me, and no doubt make him attrac­tive to women. In my arti­cle about where to meet women I talk in detail about the impor­tance of pur­su­ing your pas­sions, inter­ests and hobbies.

You’ll have more suc­cess attract­ing younger women who share com­mon inter­ests. Best of all, these women will also tend to have sim­i­lar val­ues, which is a great foun­da­tion for any rela­tion­ship. So your chances of attract­ing a beau­ti­ful, young surfer babe are much higher if you surf your­self — go figure!

Beau­ti­ful women love men who have their own inter­ests and pas­sions because it sug­gests you’re a well-rounded per­son who is con­fi­dent and not needy. Also by pur­su­ing your inter­ests you can put your­self in the posi­tion to meet more younger women and you could even get fit at the same time.

For exam­ple you could:

  • learn to dance salsa, swing or rock ‘n roll
  • join a co-ed beach vol­ley­ball club
  • start tak­ing some yoga classes

Make a list of your per­sonal inter­ests and strengths and then develop them fur­ther and you’ll put your­self in the posi­tion to attract young women with sim­i­lar inter­ests. You’ll be far more suc­cess­ful at attract­ing younger women if you focus on a niche inter­est, rather than try­ing to appeal to everyone.

Use Stereo­types to Your Advantage

As an older man your matu­rity and emo­tion­ally strong char­ac­ter can be an advan­tage when it comes to attract­ing women. But you need to con­vince younger women that you’re not a stereo­typ­i­cal bor­ing, old man.

Most peo­ple don’t real­ize that you can use stereo­types to your advan­tage by cal­i­brat­ing your behav­ior to con­trast the behav­ior of typ­i­cal men of your age to cre­ate both intrigue and attraction.

A mature man who lives a fun lifestyle and remains young at heart becomes much more inter­est­ing than a younger man with the same lifestyle, because the older man chal­lenges a woman’s pre­con­cep­tions, mak­ing him seem unique and charismatic.

While women appre­ci­ate matu­rity, they also want a man who is spon­ta­neous, fun and who has not lost his boy­ish charm. As an older man, you can revive your youth­ful per­son­al­ity traits to offer younger women the best of both worlds.

The lifestyle choices already men­tioned will help you to stand out from the crowd and make a fun-loving impres­sion. Another way to break the mould is to try new activ­i­ties reg­u­larly and make an effort to be more play­ful and adven­tur­ous with younger women. Tak­ing classes in improv the­atre or stand up com­edy are fan­tas­tic ways to revive the spon­tane­ity and play­ful­ness of your younger years.

“A Man Is Only as Old as the Women he Feels”

This is some­thing my step-father used to say to me and it rings true. He is 18 years older than my mother and was able to attract her with his life expe­ri­ence, lifestyle and pas­sion for sail­ing and travel.

Another thought I find help­ful is: Habit is des­tiny, first shape your habits and then they’ll shape you.

Com­mit today to opti­miz­ing the way you present your­self, invest in your health and fit­ness, and get pas­sion­ate about your inter­ests. Don’t let stereo­types dic­tate the per­son you should be or the women you can attract. Incor­po­rate these habits into your life and your age will become insignif­i­cant to the women you meet.

Don’t Over­es­ti­mate Your Competition

One final tip. Don’t over­es­ti­mate the com­pe­ti­tion. Even young guys these days are caged into the same day-to-day rou­tine. After col­lege or work they unwind at home watch­ing the typ­i­cal sports, sit­coms and movies or they play video games and waste time online. Then on the week­ends they tend to hang out with the same 3 or 4 buddies.

So your excit­ing lifestyle and lust for life will not only sep­a­rate you from men of your age, but also from a large por­tion of the younger population! Good luck attract­ing younger women and don’t for­get to share your thoughts in the comments.

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