How to Keep a “Perfect 10″ Interested in You

How to keep a girl interested

Dis­cover how to keep a beau­ti­ful woman interested

So you’ve man­aged to attract a beau­ti­ful woman and you want to know how to keep her inter­ested in you?

In your mind she’s a “per­fect 10″ and you’re wor­ried that she’ll leave you for some ball player with a fancy sports car. The mem­ory of the ‘10’ that got away can be the most painful mem­ory for a man.

So how do you keep her inter­ested and attracted to you? Yes this is pos­si­ble, but it’s prob­a­bly not in the way you think…

How to Keep Her Inter­ested? First, Level the Play­ing Field

If she’s a “per­fect 10″, then what does that make you?

Are you the “lucky 6″, or per­haps even the “good look­ing 8″ rated guy who was for­tu­nate enough to have a “per­fect 10″ hap­pen to date you?

Believe me, hot woman know that there is no short­age of men inter­ested in dat­ing them. They know that they’d have no trou­ble dat­ing the ‘best of the best’, so there is no rea­son for her to set­tle for a second-rate guy.

So what is it exactly that keeps a woman attracted to a man? Con­fi­dence. Like all other women, beau­ti­ful women are attracted to con­fi­dent, non-needy men. So con­fi­dence is key to keep­ing her inter­ested in you. 

The ques­tion is then, how con­fi­dent are you going to be in your­self if you keep think­ing of her as a “per­fect 10″ instead of just another woman you’re inter­ested in?

You’re effec­tively cre­at­ing a giant of her and sub-consciously reduc­ing your­self to a dwarf not wor­thy of her. If you think this type of think­ing doesn’t show on the out­side, then you’re under­es­ti­mat­ing her female intu­ition. Beau­ti­ful women are spoilt for choice so they’re far less needy than the aver­age women and extremely sen­si­tive to need­i­ness in men.

If you’re going to make a “per­fect 10″ out of some­one, make sure that per­son is yourself.

Before you think about how to keep a beau­ti­ful woman attracted to you, you need to get the “per­fect 10″ illu­sion out of your head. A rat­ing scale is a uncon­scious way of putting a girl on a pedestal and will effect your behav­ior, mak­ing you feel ner­vous and awk­ward around her.

Sure she might be hot, but at the end of the day, she’s just another girl. So if you’re going to make a “per­fect 10″ of some­one, make sure that per­son is your­self. When you do this, you will be doing the most impor­tant thing to keep her inter­ested in you…

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Appeal to Her Nat­ural Attrac­tion Instinct

Did you know that it is pos­si­ble for a woman to be attracted to a guy that is not attrac­tive? If you doubt this, just think about how many drop-dead hot women you’ve seen with very aver­age look­ing guys. Not to men­tion all the gor­geous women out there dat­ing obnox­ious jerks.

If you’re one of the many men who’ve been puz­zled by this phe­nom­e­non, it’s because you’ve not yet under­stood a woman’s nat­ural attrac­tion instinct.

Many beau­ti­ful women will claim that they’re inter­ested in a man who is an all-round nice guy. A guy who is polite, good natured and a real fam­ily man. So why then, even when they can have a “com­plete pack­age” man, do they date jerks?

It stands to rea­son that women don’t under­stand their own nat­ural attrac­tion instincts either. Both men and women are hardly self aware and often don’t know what that they truly want. That’s why you see peo­ple doing things that are com­pletely con­trary to what they say they want out of life.

Think of all the peo­ple out there who say they want to be rich, but squan­der their money. Or all the peo­ple des­per­ate to lose weight, who con­tinue to make unhealthy food choices and don’t make time for exer­cise. Most peo­ple sim­ply don’t under­stand what really dri­ves them.

So what are women really attracted to in men?

Safety, sur­vival and secu­rity are the key needs that if ful­filled will keep her inter­ested in you. Per­sonal val­i­da­tion and adven­ture are sec­ondary needs.

The prob­lem is that most men don’t appeal to woman’s need for safety and secu­rity because they allow the pres­ence of an attrac­tive woman to intim­i­date them and weaken their self-confidence.

Lack of self-confidence demon­strates to a woman that you are weak. A woman will trans­late your weak­ness on a sub­con­scious level to mean that you are unable to ful­fill her pri­mary needs. Of course, not every woman will be able to iden­tify that this is what is happening.

The result is that she’ll lose inter­est in you and start see­ing you as more of a friend than some­one she’s attracted to and who she wants to be in a rela­tion­ship with. Bum­mer, you just landed your­self in the “friend’s zone”. 

Per­fect 10″ women are spoiled for choice in men, so don’t be naive enough to expect her to hang around with a man who lacks self-confidence and who doesn’t have his ducks in a row.

So just how can you appeal to her nat­ural attrac­tion instinct, and keep her inter­ested in you?

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Treat Her Nor­mally to Keep Her Attracted to You

To keep her inter­ested in you, you need to do some­thing that 99% of all the other guys who pur­sue her have neglected to do. Stop car­ing about how beau­ti­ful she is, stop try­ing to impress her and don’t let her dic­tate your value as a man.

Sure, it might seem coun­ter­in­tu­itive espe­cially when com­pared with the lengths other men will go to impress her and win her affec­tions. But con­sider this for a minute. Just imag­ine the amount of atten­tion a really hot woman gets.

From the time she is about 16 years old, she prob­a­bly has at least one hun­dred men a year inter­ested in dat­ing her… and that’s being con­ser­v­a­tive. How are you going to stand out from the crowd?

Think about it from her per­spec­tive for a minute. Imag­ine her sheer bore­dom as one guy after the other des­per­ately tries to impress her, pam­per her, cater to her every need, and agree with all her opinions.

Not only that. She’s not stu­pid and obvi­ously knows these guys are only doing this to impress her and manip­u­late her to bed. Don’t you think that she’s a lit­tle burnt out and look­ing for some­one more genuine?

Mean­while her friends who aren’t that pretty seem to be meet­ing really nice nor­mal guys who actu­ally care about them. Don’t you think that would get a lit­tle frus­trat­ing for her. Imag­ine every­one eval­u­at­ing you for how pretty you are and not for your per­son­al­ity or opinions.

The best way to to keep a beau­ti­ful woman inter­ested in you is to con­nect with her gen­uinely and emo­tion­ally as soon as possible. Find some­thing that you like about her other than her looks and relate that to her honestly.

There is some truth in this old say­ing, “Tell the beau­ti­ful girls they’re smart and tell the smart girls that they’re beautiful.”

Why Do So Many Beau­ti­ful Girls Date Jerks?

Remem­ber she’s look­ing for some­one who takes the road less trav­eled who doesn’t try so hard to impress her. She’s look­ing for some­one who is assured of him­self, has his own opin­ions and is not afraid to speak his mind.

Of course this doesn’t mean that you have to be rude or dis­re­spect­ful to her. And it doesn’t mean you have to be some­one you’re not just to keep her inter­ested in you. But this is why so many attrac­tive women end up dat­ing jerks.

These guys are the first to put her in her place if she is being bratty and are the kind of guys who are less wor­ried about what she or other peo­ple think.

Sure most of these guys are a lit­tle rough around the edges and the women they’re with might even com­plain about that. But they stay with these guys because they appeal to a woman’s need for safety, sur­vival and security.

Women feel that if a guy is con­fi­dent and strong enough to be him­self despite what oth­ers think, then he most likely has what it takes to pro­tect her, stand up for her and keep her safe.

The good news is that you can still be this type of guy with­out being a jerk, and when you learn to do this, you become the type of man that every woman, even the so called “per­fect 10s”, dream of.

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