The Best Places to Meet Single Women

Best places to meet women

Dis­cover the best place to meet beau­ti­ful women

Are you con­fused about where to meet women? 

The best place to meet women is dif­fer­ent for dif­fer­ent peo­ple. Why? Because the secret to meet­ing qual­ity women is to focus your energy on meet­ing women who are likely to share your val­ues, inter­ests and needs. This way you’ll have a higher suc­cess rate, and you’re more likely to meet women who can make you happy.

Bars and Night­clubs are Not Always the Best Place to Meet Women

For guys who love to party and hang out with a bunch of new friends, bars and night­clubs can be a good place to meet women. But if you’re not a nat­ural extravert, then things will be harder for you. Also you prob­a­bly won’t be very com­pat­i­ble with many of the girls you’d meet at bars and clubs anyway.

Not every­one feels com­fort­able in the high energy, loud and some­times super­fi­cial party envi­ron­ment. If this sounds like you, then bars and clubs will not be the best place to meet women.

Answer These Ques­tions to Find Good Places for YOU to Meet Women

In his excel­lent book Mod­els: Attract Women Through Hon­esty, Mark Man­son rec­om­mends ask­ing your­self the fol­low­ing ques­tions to find the best places to meet women:

  1. What qual­i­ties do you value in a woman? Sophis­ti­ca­tion? Cre­ativ­ity? Intelligence? A fun-loving atti­tude? An adven­tur­ous spirit? Com­mu­ni­ca­tion? A car­ing and gen­er­ous nature? Spir­i­tu­al­ity? etc. Write down all the qual­i­ties you value.
  2. Where do you think you’d be most likely to find women with these per­son­al­ity traits? Brain­storm some ideas.
  3. What things do you most enjoy doing? Write down your pas­sions, inter­ests and hobbies. Perhaps you enjoy read­ing or writ­ing, trav­el­ing or learn­ing for­eign lan­guages, play­ing an instru­ment, danc­ing, hik­ing, wind­surf­ing, cook­ing or drink­ing wine. Make a note of every­thing that comes to mind.
  4. Next, ask your­self what events or orga­ni­za­tions can you become involved in to explore your hob­bies and poten­tially meet women at the same time? Women love men with inter­ests and a shared inter­est means that you already have a lot in com­mon, which makes it: 1) much eas­ier attract women, and 2) more likely that you’ll get on well together.
  5. If you don’t know what your pas­sions and inter­ests are, then write down things you’ve always wanted to do, but never had the time or worked up the nerve to do. Make a com­mit­ment to your­self to get involved in these activ­i­ties or events. For exam­ple per­haps you always wanted to learn a for­eign lan­guage, or learn to dance salsa, or vol­un­teer for a local char­ity. Write all of this stuff down now.

The exer­cise above will give you some excel­lent ideas on where to meet women the most com­pat­i­ble women. There are lit­er­ally hun­dreds of great places to meet women, the best of which will depend on your per­son­al­ity and interests. Here are some exam­ples of poten­tially good places to meet women…

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Meet Women at Dance Classes

If you’re look­ing for a fun lov­ing women and you enjoy danc­ing, then chances are you’d get on well with the women you’d meet at dance classes and con­certs. Most women love to dance, so salsa or swing classes are a great place to meet and get close with women.

Even if you have two left feet, begin­ner dance classes can be  lot of fun. As an added bonus there is usu­ally a short­age of guys, so you’re sure to meet plenty of sin­gle women.

Meet Women at Wine Tastings

Per­haps you’re look­ing for women with sophis­ti­ca­tion and you hap­pen to enjoy a good bot­tle of wine. It’s no secret that alco­hol is a great social lubri­cant, so wine tast­ings are a great place to meet beau­ti­ful women.

Find out about wine tast­ings hap­pen­ing in your area, or take a wine appre­ci­a­tion class where you’ll learn the cor­rect ter­mi­nol­ogy to describe the nose, char­ac­ter, depth and fin­ish of wine. This is a valu­able skill for any mod­ern man and will help you to make a great impres­sion on future dates.

Meet Women Learn­ing a Sec­ond Language

Per­haps you enjoy trav­el­ing and are look­ing for an open-minded woman with an adven­tur­ous spirit. In this case, for­eign lan­guage classes would be an excel­lent place for you to meet women.

While at col­lege I took extra classes in both Span­ish and French. The vast major­ity of lan­guage stu­dents are female, so it was an excel­lent way for me to meet inter­est­ing and attrac­tive girls.

Or even bet­ter, move to another coun­try to learn the lan­guage. This way you’ll not only be a nov­elty for the local women, but you’re sure to meet a lot of inter­est­ing women trav­el­ing in the the coun­try. Your shared inter­ests and com­mon expe­ri­ences will make it easy to hit it off with these women.

Meet Women Learn­ing About Surrealism

Per­haps you enjoy art and are you attracted to cre­ative, pas­sion­ate and cul­tured women? Then why not take an art class or sit some art his­tory lec­tures. There are plenty of intel­li­gent and very sexy girls who enjoy art. If you do meet some­one you’re attracted to, a great date idea would be to visit a local art exhi­bi­tion or gallery in your area fol­lowed by a drink or roman­tic din­ner.

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Yoga is a Gold Mine… (And No, It’s Not Gay!)

Are you look­ing for women on a spir­i­tual path who tend to be less inter­ested in your sta­tus and mate­r­ial wealth? I’m assum­ing you don’t have any objec­tion to being a in room full of beau­ti­ful women wear­ing tight leg­gings and breath­ing heav­ily as they twist them­selves into con­torted posi­tions. No, yoga is not gay, far from it!

Yoga has so many ben­e­fits includ­ing stress relief, increased mus­cu­lar strength and flex­i­bil­ity, improved breath con­trol and lung capac­ity, increased self-awareness and self-acceptance, improved pos­ture, con­cen­tra­tion and vocal con­trol. Stretch­ing with a part­ner and chat­ting over a hot cup of chai tea is also a great way to meet women.

A few years ago I attended a yoga retreat in Turkey with a fun group of inter­est­ing and down-to-earth peo­ple. After the morn­ing yoga and med­i­ta­tion classes, there was plenty of time to get to know peo­ple while laz­ing in the sun at the pool or on the beach.

Other Good Places to Meet Women

Of course there are lit­er­ally hun­dreds of great places to meet women and I can’t cover all of them, but here are a few more ideas:

  • Ulti­mate fris­bee and co-ed vol­ley­ball have a lot of women; in good shape too.
  • Vol­un­teer­ing, char­i­ties and char­ity events are usu­ally full of great women.
  • Spe­cial inter­est groups like improv the­atre and stand up comedy.
  • Train­ing courses like lead­er­ship and pub­lic speaking.
  • Cook­ing classes, food tast­ings, restau­rant openings.
  • Med­i­ta­tion courses and retreats.

The web­sites and are excel­lent resources for find­ing like-minded and cool events going on in your city.


Hope­fully it’s clear to you now that there are many more places to meet women than the usu­ally sug­gested bars, clubs, cof­fee shops etc. Of course not every inter­est is going to be as pop­u­lar with beau­ti­ful women, but I’m sure that you can find at least a few inter­ests that are.

Obvi­ously it’s not guar­an­teed that you’ll meet your soul mate while pur­su­ing a par­tic­u­lar hobby or inter­est. But with each inter­est you pur­sue and new skill you learn, you’ll become a more inter­est­ing and attrac­tive man to the women around you. Stop leav­ing attrac­tion to chance, pur­sue you inter­ests and you’re sure to meet high qual­ity women!

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