How to Pick Up Girls With Confidence

Best ways to pick up women

Help­ful tips on pick­ing up women successfully.

Are you look­ing for tips on how to pick up girls?

When it comes to pick­ing up girls, us guys are usu­ally left to fig­ure things out on our own. We’re told to, “Be your­self and the rest will come naturally.” 

The real­ity is that pick­ing up women doesn’t come nat­u­rally to most guys and requires a vari­ety of skills that need to be learned in order to avoid fail­ure and frustration. 

If you’re strug­gling to meet and seduce beau­ti­ful women and are look­ing for tips on the best ways to pick up women, then this post will help. Not only will I high­light the nec­es­sary skills, but I’ll also refer you to posts with the detailed step-by-step infor­ma­tion you need. 

There is a lot of infor­ma­tion here, but don’t feel over­whelmed. Just con­cen­trate on one area at a time and you’ll soon be pick­ing up girls con­fi­dently and consistently.

Under­stand What Women Want

We all know that men and women are dif­fer­ent, but few guys really inter­nal­ize this and push the right but­tons to build attrac­tion with women by giv­ing them what they want.

To pick up women suc­cess­fully, it’s impor­tant to under­stand how the female brain is wired and to know what women really want from a man. As you’ve prob­a­bly already noticed, women expect a man to know intu­itively what she wants, with­out hav­ing to be told.

Shy guys in par­tic­u­lar often make the mis­take of try­ing to win a girl’s affec­tion by being an all-round nice guy. They are con­sid­er­ate, help­ful and sup­port­ive yet for some rea­son they often find them­selves frus­trated in the “Friend Zone” with girls they’d rather be shar­ing a bed with.

If this sounds like you and you’re ready to attract women by giv­ing them what they really want, then I sug­gest you check out these posts:

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Adopt Strong Body Language

Strong body lan­guage is extremely impor­tant in cre­at­ing a good first impres­sion and build­ing attrac­tion. Your body lan­guage, appear­ance and tone of voice each have a big­ger impact on the impres­sion you make than what you say.

What does your body lan­guage com­mu­ni­cate to women and are you miss­ing out on oppor­tu­ni­ties with women, because you fail to pick up on the sub­tle signs that a girl likes you? 

Not only is it cru­cial to present your­self well, but if you want to pick up women, you also need to know how to read female body language. Once you know what to look for, it’s usu­ally pretty easy to spot who is avail­able, when a girl is inter­ested in you and know when to make your move.

For tips on attract­ing women and learn­ing to read the signs of inter­est, take a look at these posts:

Know Where to Meet Women

Clubs and bars are not the only places to pick up women. In fact, depend­ing on your inter­ests and the qual­i­ties you’re look­ing for in a girl, they may be very bad places for you to meet women. So many great places to meet women are often overlooked.

Pur­su­ing your pas­sions and inter­ests or learn­ing new skills by tak­ing classes are great ways to meet women and become a more inter­est­ing man. Join­ing a salsa or yoga class, learn­ing a for­eign lan­guage, or vol­un­teer­ing for a char­ity are just a few ideas. 

Also, once you mas­ter the art of approach­ing women while going about your daily busi­ness, you’ll no longer have to wait until the week­end to pick up girls. Every time you leave the house becomes an oppor­tu­nity to meet women, whether you’re walk­ing down the street, using pub­lic trans­port, at a cof­fee shop, or just out shopping.

To dis­cover the best places for you to meet girls and how to approach girls with con­fi­dence, I rec­om­mend these posts:

Develop Strong Con­ver­sa­tional Skills

It’s one thing to approach a girl and pay her a com­pli­ment, but another to know what to say and how to say it to estab­lish rap­port and get her feel­ing com­fort­able enough to give you her num­ber and agree to go out on a date with you.

Strong con­ver­sa­tion skills mean know­ing what to talk about with girls, how to relate to her expe­ri­ences and how to keep a con­ver­sa­tion going. It means devel­op­ing your lis­ten­ing skills, learn­ing to ask open-ended ques­tions, giv­ing expanded answers, but most impor­tantly, it means con­nect­ing with her emotionally.

For details on how to become a great con­ver­sa­tion­al­ist so she quickly feels an emo­tional con­nec­tion with you, take a look at these related posts:

Ask Her for Her Number

Ask­ing for a girl’s num­ber is not rocket sci­ence, but it’s a stum­bling block for many guys in their attempts to pick up women. It’s an impor­tant piece of the pick up puz­zle because it allows you to test her level of inter­est, stay in touch with her and set up a date.

Pro­vided you’ve fol­lowed the con­ver­sa­tional tips from the sug­gested posts above to build rap­port and get her feel­ing com­fort­able in your com­pany, she shouldn’t have any objec­tion to giv­ing you her number.

To max­i­mize your chances of a suc­cess­ful num­ber close, check out these posts about how to ask for a girl’s num­ber and avoid the com­mon num­ber close mistakes:

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Pick Up Women Online

So far we’ve only looked at how to pick up women the tra­di­tional way, but these days more and more peo­ple are meet­ing online. If this is an option you’d like to explore, then doing a lit­tle research up front can save a lot of unnec­es­sary frus­tra­tion and increase your suc­cess rate tremendously.

Some com­mon online dat­ing mis­takes include choos­ing the wrong dat­ing sites, cre­at­ing a poor pro­file with bad pho­tos, writ­ing long mails with bor­ing head­lines and tak­ing too long to meet up in per­son. It’s also impor­tant to under­stand the pros and cons of online dat­ing so you have real­is­tic expectations.

To avoid the com­mon pit­falls of online dat­ing, cre­ate a win­ning pro­file and know how online dat­ing com­pares with other ways to pick up women, take a look at these posts: 

Know How to Behave On The Date

She’s given you her num­ber and agreed to a date. Nice work! But just because you’ve sealed the date, it’s no guar­an­tee that she’ll get down and dirty with you. If you want to get sex­u­ally inti­mate with her, it’s up to you to make her com­fort­able and cre­ate sex­ual chem­istry while out on your date. 

This means get­ting the basics right like under­stand­ing dat­ing eti­quette and avoid­ing com­mon dat­ing mis­takes. Of course it also means know­ing how to flirt and sex­u­ally esca­late with her through­out the evening so she feels attracted to you and turned on.

These posts will help ensure you have all your bases cov­ered while out on a date and increase the chances of her agree­ing to come back to your place:

Clos­ing Thoughts

I hope this post has been help­ful to you and you feel more con­fi­dent about how to pick up girls. I’ve linked to a lot of use­ful resources through­out this post, so go ahead and book­mark this page so you can refer back to it later.

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