3 Proven Ways to Be More Masculine and Manly

How to be more manly

3 tips to increase your masculinity

In this post you’ll dis­cover mas­cu­line behav­iors that can instantly make you more manly and attrac­tive to women.

Most guys falsely assume that being mas­cu­line is only about the way you look, but mas­culin­ity has as much to do with your atti­tude and actions as it does with your phys­i­cal appearance.

By adopt­ing the traits of a mas­cu­line man you’ll start to feel more cen­tered and con­fi­dent. It will also become much eas­ier for you to attract beau­ti­ful women into your life and win the respect of your peers. 

Be Deci­sive and Take the Lead

Women want a deci­sive man. They want a man who is not afraid to take the lead and make deci­sions. This doesn’t mean that they want a tyrant who always wants his way, but some­one who is not wishy-washy or too hes­i­tant in his actions.

Pow­er­ful men are able to reach quick and defin­i­tive deci­sions. Excel­lent deci­sion mak­ing skills will ensure that you rarely find your­self in a posi­tion of weak­ness or sub­mis­sion and will make you more attrac­tive to women. 

Tak­ing respon­si­bil­ity for deci­sions is not nat­u­rally com­fort­able for most peo­ple because there is a high risk of hav­ing to face the con­se­quences for mak­ing a poor deci­sion. The flip side of this is that by “step­ping up” and mak­ing deci­sions you will gain respect and author­ity and stand out as a mas­cu­line man. 

Most people’s inde­ci­sive­ness leads to pro­cras­ti­na­tion and results in them not mak­ing the most of the oppor­tu­ni­ties that present them­selves. Peo­ple who pro­cras­ti­nate will never be in a posi­tion of author­ity or power, yet power is exactly what makes men appear more masculine.

The longer you pro­cras­ti­nate, the eas­ier you make it for a more dom­i­nant and deci­sive man to enter the scene and take charge. Since most peo­ple strug­gle to make deci­sions, they are usu­ally happy to fol­low a man who is quick and con­vinc­ing in his deci­sion making.

Just think about the great lead­ers of his­tory and the power they obtained through deci­sive action. By hon­ing their deci­sion mak­ing skills and propos­ing solu­tions rather than wait­ing for some­one to solve their prob­lems for them, they were able to inspire peo­ple to fol­low them. You can bet that none of these guys had any trou­ble meet­ing beau­ti­ful women.

So if you want to be more manly, start by being more deci­sive and stop wait­ing for oth­ers to make deci­sions for you. Also, remem­ber that the more cer­tain you appear when mak­ing deci­sions, the more likely peo­ple will fol­low you. Just assume it’s okay with every­one and it prob­a­bly will be. 

You can make your deci­sions more per­sua­sive by using the word “because” and then giv­ing a reason. For exam­ple: Let’s grab a drink at Buena Vista because they have the best cocktails. 

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Be Respon­si­ble and Self-Reliant

Do you depend on other peo­ple to take care of things that you should be respon­si­ble for your­self? Do you make the women in your life choose where to go on dates or what to do together on the weekend? 

If so, you can bet that you aren’t com­mu­ni­cat­ing your mas­cu­line dom­i­nance and self-reliance. And if you aren’t doing that, you are never going to meet a woman’s essen­tial need for safety.

Women are look­ing for a strong and deci­sive man to take the lead. A man who is capa­ble of tak­ing respon­si­bil­ity with­out feel­ing over­whelmed. It might seem coun­ter­in­tu­itive, but the less you ask for her pref­er­ences or per­mis­sion the better. 

A self-reliant man is a more mas­cu­line man. When she sees you con­fi­dently man­ag­ing your affairs, on a sub­con­scious level she will inter­pret this to mean that you are capa­ble of assur­ing her safety.

Being with a self-reliant and mas­cu­line man is much more impor­tant to most women than being con­stantly con­sulted with. If you are unwill­ing to wear the pants in the rela­tion­ship, don’t be sur­prised when you find your­self in the Friend Zone.

Make a list of all the areas in your life where you’re hand­ing over respon­si­bil­ity for some­thing you should be tak­ing care of your­self. This will help you to iden­tify oppor­tu­ni­ties to be more manly by tak­ing more con­trol and increas­ing your self-reliance. This might mean putting your foot down with a woman who is try­ing to dom­i­nate you.

Con­trary to what you might assume, this is exactly what women want in a man. Often­times a woman will shit test a man to find out if he is man enough to stand up to her and capa­ble of being her leader and defender.

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Be Hon­est in Word and Deed

When peo­ple hear the word hon­esty, they usu­ally think of being hon­est with your words, but it’s much more impor­tant to be hon­est with your actions. To be more manly and mas­cu­line, you need to back up your words with actions or you risk los­ing credibility.

If you say that you’re going to do some­thing then do it, or else don’t make the com­mit­ment. When you com­mit to do some­thing, then make sure you fol­low through. This applies to com­mit­ments big and small. Being true to your word teaches peo­ple to take you seri­ously and you’ll be treated more respectfully. 

So if you say you’re going to be some­where at a cer­tain time, make sure you’re there. If you say you’re going to call some­one, then make sure you do. If you say you’re going to start eat­ing healthy, get in shape, or get on top of your finances, then be sure to fol­low through.

In fact, when­ever pos­si­ble it’s bet­ter to keep your mouth shut and tell the truth only in actions because it com­mu­ni­cates a strong sense of mas­culin­ity. Actions speak a lot louder than words and a man of action is admired by men and irre­sistible to woman. 

A mas­cu­line man is also hon­est about his sex­ual desire. The best com­pli­ment you can give a women is to express your desire for her openly and unashamedly. Sex­ual hon­esty is a sur­pris­ingly rare trait among men, so women light up when con­fronted in a direct and for­ward man­ner because it reeks of confidence.

Shy guys have a ten­dency to idol­ize women as some kind of divine celes­tial beings, fail­ing to see them for the sex­ual crea­tures they are. The real­ity is that women enjoy sex as much as men do and are turned on by a man who is unapolo­getic of his raw and instinc­tive desires. 

So hon­esty means being a man of action, it means own­ing your sex­u­al­ity, and it means liv­ing with integrity. An hon­est man is a man of prin­ci­ple who doesn’t lower his stan­dards to impress peo­ple or to win their favor. An hon­est man knows that no girl is worth sac­ri­fic­ing your dig­nity for, just to get her into bed. 

Clos­ing Thoughts

So if you’ve ever won­dered how to be more manly, now you know. Make a men­tal note of these mas­cu­line qual­i­ties and make a life­long com­mit­ment to being a deci­sive and self-reliant man of action who is hon­est in word and deed. By doing so, not only will you be more mas­cu­line and attract qual­ity women into your life, but you’ll be a true leader and inspi­ra­tion to those around you.

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