How to Please a Woman In and Out of Bed

How to please a woman

How to sat­isfy a woman emo­tion­ally and physically

Do you want to know how to please a woman in and out of the bed­room? If you’ve been in a rela­tion­ship, you know that women can some­times be impos­si­ble to under­stand, much less please!

We all know that women can be dif­fi­cult. They seem to get worked up about the small­est things and they can be very hard to satisfy. While you’re try­ing to be under­stand­ing, you can’t help won­der­ing what’s going on in her head.

The secret to know­ing how to please a woman is to have a bet­ter under­stand­ing of what attracts women and what women want in a man. So, lets look at these things first and then I’ll give you some advice about how to sat­isfy a woman in bed.

Please a Woman With Security

The first thing to under­stand is that women want secu­rity from a man. This means being a good provider and being sup­port­ive. Women want a mas­cu­line man. A man who is con­fi­dent, deci­sive, self-reliant, hon­est in his actions and able to stand up for her.

He should also be able to stand up for him­self. This means not chang­ing his opin­ions to please or impress her, and not let­ting her boss him around. To please a woman, you must not be afraid to take the lead and make deci­sions. You should be the one decid­ing where to go on a date and what to do together on the weekend.

It’s more impor­tant to be self-reliant than to con­sult with her over every deci­sion. By demon­strat­ing that you’re capa­ble of tak­ing on respon­si­bil­ity with­out feel­ing over­whelmed, she will feel more secure in the rela­tion­ship.

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Please Her With Qual­ity Time and Appreciation

In addi­tion to mak­ing a woman feel safe and secure, to please a woman, you need to make her feel included in your life. This boils down to spend­ing time with her and watch­ing TV together doesn’t count. It has to be qual­ity time where you really talk to each other, sharing opin­ions and feel­ings and gen­er­ally enjoy­ing each oth­ers company.

While it’s impor­tant to spend qual­ity time with a woman, it’s cru­cial that you have other inter­ests out­side of the rela­tion­ship. There’ll be times she wants you to resched­ule your plans to accom­mo­date her, but only on rare occa­sions should you do this. You need to make it clear that your life doesn’t revolve around her or she’ll start tak­ing you for granted.

To please a women and make her feel good about her­self, she needs to know that she is appre­ci­ated, val­ued and respected. Even beau­ti­ful woman have inse­cu­ri­ties so it’s a good idea to learn how to com­pli­ment a woman sin­cerely and show appre­ci­a­tion for her because a women who feels val­ued will go a long way to sat­isfy her man.

You Don’t Have to Buy Her Gifts or be a Stud

Many guys make the mis­take of think­ing they need to buy a woman gifts to please her, but this does more dam­age than good. Spoil­ing a woman is counter-productive and sub-communicates that you’re not a man of value because you need to buy her affection.

A con­fi­dent man of high sta­tus doesn’t need to impress a woman with gifts. Only on spe­cial occa­sions should you buy a woman gifts, but don’t expect these gifts to sat­isfy her emotionally.

Also con­trary to what some guys believe, you don’t have to be a stud to please women. When it comes to looks, women are more for­giv­ing than men and find dif­fer­ent types of men attractive. Confidence, per­son­al­ity, intel­li­gence, humor are highly val­ued by women. 

Present the best pos­si­ble ver­sion of your­self by pay­ing atten­tion to your pos­ture and body lan­guage and remem­ber that a sense of style and good per­sonal groom­ing are per­haps even more impor­tant than nat­ural good looks.

Please a Woman by Read­ing Her Mind

Men are more bottom-line thinkers and we com­mu­ni­cate in facts. Women are more emo­tional and play a lot of “guess what I’m thinking/feeling” games. As frus­trat­ing as this is for men, you’ll be hap­pier if you sim­ply accept this than waste your time and energy try­ing to change her.

It’s not easy, but to please a woman you need to develop your mind read­ing skills because women want to be under­stood with­out explic­itly hav­ing to tell you what’s on their mind. They want a man who can read between the lines. By keep­ing the fol­low­ing things in mind you’ll become a bet­ter mind reader and with some luck, you’ll get her back to her usual happy self.

    If your woman is act­ing up it’s usu­ally because:

  • You’re not spend­ing enough qual­ity time with her.
  • She’s not feel­ing val­ued or appreciated.
  • Your behav­ior is mak­ing her feel insecure.
  • She wants to be pleased in bed.

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Pleas­ing a Woman in Bed

For women what hap­pens in the bed­room is the cli­max of what hap­pens in the rest of your relationship. If you under­stand how to please a woman emo­tion­ally half the bat­tle is already won in terms of sat­is­fy­ing her in the bed­room because she’ll be much more open to you sexually.

Many guys falsely assume that women don’t enjoy sex as much as men do. They think that they have to “earn” sex, by tak­ing her out, buy­ing her things, or by being on their best behavior.

The fact is that women think about sex often and have sex­ual fan­tasies just like men do. Women crave good sex as much as men crave sex so it’s impor­tant to think of sex as a mutu­ally enjoy­able expe­ri­ence, rather than a sex­ual favor on her part.

One of the rea­sons some guys think women don’t enjoy sex is that the dif­fer­ence between amaz­ing and mediocre sex is more sig­nif­i­cant for girls because women often don’t fin­ish at all from mediocre sex. This can be so frus­trat­ing for a woman that she’d rather not to have sex at all than have unsat­is­fy­ing sex.

On the other hand, good sex will increase her sex drive, make her eager to please you, and make her more adven­tur­ous in the bedroom.

How to Sat­isfy a Woman in Bed

Don’t under­es­ti­mate the impor­tance of fore­play for women. Women con­sider fore­play as part of love­mak­ing, not a some­thing separate. Women need to be aroused both men­tally and phys­i­cally and fore­play is vital in build­ing antic­i­pa­tion and get­ting her in the mood.

The more fore­play, the hot­ter a woman is going to be and the bet­ter the sex is going to be for both of you. As a rule of thumb, spend at least the same amount of time on fore­play as lovemaking.

As long as you’re respect­ful, women want a man to take con­trol in the bed­room. This means flip­ping her around or telling her what posi­tion to get in or telling her what to say to you. Guys often think a woman is too strait­laced if she’s not adven­tur­ous in bed­room, but most likely she just needs you to guide her with author­ity and confidence.

To please a woman in bed you need to give her a vari­ety of sex­ual expe­ri­ences. Some­times she’ll want to be taken, some­times she’ll want a good jack­ham­mer­ing and some­times she’ll want to make love. Women get off on being desired, so don’t be afraid to be phys­i­cal to evoke her emotions.

Here are some of the many ways to sat­isfy a woman in bed:

  • Gen­tly but firmly pull her hair from the back near the roots
  • Kiss her pas­sion­ately on her neck
  • Throw her onto the bed
  • Mock rip her clothes off with your teeth
  • Mas­sage her breasts and but­tocks with your hands
  • Slap her ass lightly

Dirty talk is an excel­lent way to give a woman strong emo­tions in bed. Strong emo­tions mean strong orgasms. Don’t make the mis­take of think­ing that only your phys­i­cal motions will give her pleasure. The most pow­er­ful orgasms will are trig­gered by a woman’s mind so engage it with dirty and roman­tic talk while mak­ing love.

As she’s get­ting close to peak­ing gen­tly encour­age her in a low, slow voice by saying:

  • Come for me baby”
  • Get really wet for me baby”
  • Relax baby and come for me”

For detailed instruc­tions on mak­ing a woman orgasm, check out these posts about how to please a woman with your handshow to please a woman orally and 3 posi­tions that guar­an­tee orgasms.

I hope you found this info help­ful. If you’re seri­ous about learn­ing to sat­isfy a woman in bed every time, check out these step-by-step videos pre­sented by two seri­ously hot babes:

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