How to Compliment a Girl the Right Way

Complimenting women

Dis­cover how to com­pli­ment a girl the right way

Noth­ing is more reas­sur­ing and con­fi­dence boost­ing for a woman than receiv­ing a gen­uine com­pli­ment from a man. So today we’ll take a look at how to com­pli­ment a girl the right way.

Women absolutely love com­pli­ments because they make women feel val­ued and appre­ci­ated. You shouldn’t be afraid to let a girl know what you like about her and what is spe­cial about her. Even beau­ti­ful women don’t have per­fect con­fi­dence so don’t under­es­ti­mate how impor­tant it is for women to be reminded of their pos­i­tive attributes.

The deep­est prin­ci­ple in human nature is the crav­ing to be appre­ci­ated. — William James

Why Some Guys Don’t Com­pli­ment Girls

Some guys don’t like com­pli­ment­ing girls because they feel that it “shows their hand” or demon­strates weak­ness, mak­ing them more vul­ner­a­ble to rejection. Instead, they’d rather play games, pre­tend­ing they’re not really that inter­ested. This is not the approach I recommend.

Done right, giv­ing com­pli­ments will not weaken your position. Perhaps iron­i­cally, when you put your balls on the chop­ping board by mak­ing it clear that you’re attracted to a woman, this com­mu­ni­cates your mas­culin­ity and strength of char­ac­ter to her.

The Biggest Aphro­disiac is Some­one Who Gen­uinely Likes You

Remem­ber, the biggest aphro­disiac in the world is some­one who is gen­uinely attracted to you. The fact is that women are turned on by being wanted and desired.

This means that a sin­cere com­pli­ment that demon­strates your desire for her can inspire a women to become more attracted to you and more highly invested in her rela­tion­ship with you. Not only that, but she’ll also be encour­aged to keep tak­ing care of her appear­ance in order to keep you attracted.

And it makes sense. Just think about how often you’ve felt neg­a­tively towards some­one, but changed your mind about them when they said some­thing pos­i­tive about you. The fact is that women love a guy who is man enough to be open about his feelings.

And don’t for­get that all women, no mat­ter how con­fi­dent they appear, want to hear that they look sexy and beau­ti­ful. It’s a mis­take to try to set your­self apart from other guys by not telling a woman what you like best about her.

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Only Authen­tic Com­pli­ments Count

So com­pli­ments are impor­tant, but it’s bet­ter to keep your mouth shut than to give a woman a com­pli­ment that’s not genuine. If you don’t believe what you’re say­ing, she’ll know. 

Women come with built-in bull­shit detec­tors and can always tell the dif­fer­ence between a gen­uine and a manip­u­la­tive or an ass-kissing com­pli­ment, said with the inten­tion of get­ting her into bed.

The main rea­son why many pick-up artists teach guys not to com­pli­ment girls is because a lot of guys have a ten­dency to pay too many com­pli­ments. This comes across as inau­then­tic and needy and makes a woman feel uncom­fort­able and objectified.

One of the biggest attrac­tion killers is when a guy makes a love dec­la­ra­tion to a woman he barely knows. This is not flat­ter­ing and will only make you look des­per­ate so please resist the temp­ta­tion, no mat­ter how strong the urge.

Expect Noth­ing in Return for a Compliment

Beau­ti­ful women are com­pli­mented on their looks often, and most of these com­pli­ments are given out of neediness. A con­fi­dent man expresses his inter­est uncon­di­tion­ally, expect­ing noth­ing in return. When a true com­pli­ment comes from a man seek­ing noth­ing in return, it is much more powerful.

Your com­pli­ment should be a gen­uine, no-strings attached appre­ci­a­tion of some­thing about her.

What I’m say­ing here is just because you com­pli­ment a girl, it doesn’t mean she owes you any­thing in return. Don’t think you can go trad­ing com­pli­ments for sex­ual favors. Some guys think that just because they buy a girl a drink or say some­thing nice to her, that she is morally oblig­ated to sleep with them. Sorry, but it doesn’t work that way.

Some Good Com­pli­ments for Girls

Here are some good tips for com­pli­ment­ing women:

  • The best com­pli­ments don’t have to be con­trived or clever. If you’re not used to pay­ing com­pli­ments, stick to some­thing sim­ple. “Hey, you look great” works per­fectly well. If you love her smile, look her deep in her eyes and say, “You have a beau­ti­ful smile”. It really doesn’t have to be more com­pli­cated than that.
  • You can make your com­pli­ment more potent by say­ing her name, “Rachel, you look stunning.”
  • A woman will always appre­ci­ate a com­pli­ment that are actu­ally about her, such as how inter­est­ing she is, how good she makes you feel, how much fun she is to be around, and so on. These type of com­pli­ments are more mean­ing­ful than a com­pli­ment about an item of cloth­ing or accessory.
  • Here’s a good com­pli­ment opener: “I really like the way you…”
  • Com­pli­ment­ing a women’s char­ac­ter is a great way to make her feel good, but of course she also wants to hear that she is attractive. If you see that a woman has made an effort with or a change to her appear­ance, com­pli­ment­ing her specif­i­cally on this works more effec­tively than more gen­eral com­pli­ments. For exam­ple, “You’ve had your hair done. It looks great.”
  • When you see a woman on a reg­u­lar basis, remem­ber that she’ll appre­ci­ate being reminded of the things that you like about her from time to time. That said, you should avoid pay­ing the same com­pli­ment in the same way or it’ll lose effec­tive­ness. Mix it up a lit­tle. Instead of say­ing “You look great” you could say “You look very ele­gant”, “You look stunning”, “You look daz­zling”, etc.

All guys nat­u­rally know how to com­pli­ment a woman well, but we often keep the best com­pli­ments to our­selves instead of giv­ing them away. If you feel awk­ward about com­pli­ment­ing girls, you can prac­tice giv­ing com­pli­ments to friends. They’ll know you have no hid­den agenda, and they’ll appre­ci­ate the ges­ture.

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Ensur­ing Your Com­pli­ments Are Appreciated

Com­pli­ments are very pow­er­ful con­sid­er­ing how easy they are to give, but that also means that you should give them wisely.

  • Don’t overdo it. Avoid mak­ing more than one or two com­pli­ments per meet­ing. Any more and you’ll risk being seen as pan­der­ing. Remem­ber that the more you praise some­one, the less weight it carries.
  • Believ­abil­ity is of utmost impor­tance so you have to keep com­pli­ments sin­cere. When you com­pli­ment a girl, avoid mak­ing com­edy facial expres­sions because you don’t want to come across as dis­hon­est, sar­cas­tic, or ironic.
  • Don’t be too quick to smile and give praise when it’s not earned. Your com­pli­ment will carry more weight if you dis­play to her that you’re will­ing to dis­agree with her opin­ions, and are not afraid of being rejected by her.
  • Don’t say “today” in your com­pli­ment. For exam­ple if you say, “You look beau­ti­ful today” you risk mak­ing her think that she doesn’t look good on most other days.
  • Unless you’re already sleep­ing together, it’s safer to stay away from com­pli­ments about her boobs or bum.
  • Also telling some­one that she reminds you of an ex is not a com­pli­ment, no mat­ter how hot your ex was!

How to Accept a Com­pli­ment Graciously

Learn­ing to accept com­pli­ments gra­ciously is almost as impor­tant as learn­ing to pay compliments. Compliments can make shy guys feel uncom­fort­able so they often respond by ignor­ing or reject­ing well-intentioned compliments. 

If you ignore a com­pli­ment, dis­agree with it, or get overly embar­rassed when a woman pays you a com­pli­ment, she is unlikely to pay you another. You may even embar­rass her in the process.

A sim­ple “Thank you” or “Thanks, that was nice of you to say” accom­pa­nied by eye con­tact and a smile, is suf­fi­cient to accept a compliment.


Even beau­ti­ful women don’t have per­fect con­fi­dence and will appre­ci­ate being com­pli­mented. So make a habit to open your mouth and let your pos­i­tive thoughts be heard. It’ll make her feel good about her­self and will make you a more charm­ing and attrac­tive man.

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