The MOST IMPORTANT Secret to Get a Girl to Like WANT You!”

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So, how would you get this girl to want you?

How do you get a girl to like you?” This is eas­ily the most com­mon ques­tion guys ask. The thing is, what you should REALLY be ask­ing is, “How to get a girl to WANT you?” It’s extremely impor­tant to make this dis­tinc­tion because there is a whole world of dif­fer­ence between LIKING and WANTING. (Hint: Girls don’t sleep with the guys they like!)

Here’s the thing. A girl can like you just fine, but still not be ATTRACTED to you. There is even a fancy name for this, it’s called FRIENDSHIP. I’m not kid­ding. Mix this stuff up at your own peril. Because while you’re out there pulling out all the stops to cre­ate attrac­tion, what you’ll ACTUALLY be doing is mak­ing a friend.

Now don’t get me wrong here, of course there is absolutely noth­ing wrong with hav­ing female friends. Not in the slight­est. But if your real motive is to get some NOOKY, then don’t be sur­prised when you get brushed off as you try to take the rela­tion­ship to the next level.

It’s near impos­si­ble to build attrac­tion when you’re six feet deep in the dreaded “FRIEND’S ZONE.”

Does this sce­nario sound famil­iar to you? Have you landed in the friends zone recently with some­one you’d have much rather landed in the sack with? Be hon­est with your­self now.

Look, it’s noth­ing to be embar­rassed about. Nobody can hit a home run on every strike, and any­one who tells you that they can get any girl to want them, is quite frankly lying through their teeth. That said, you can do a heck of a lot to improve your chances and you’ve prob­a­bly already dis­cov­ered for your­self that friend­ship is not the way.

If You Want To Get a Girl to Want You, Then You Have to Start Doing Some­thing Different!

Albert Einstein

Insan­ity is doing the same thing over and over and expect­ing dif­fer­ent results.” — Albert Einstein

Like the great Albert Ein­stein said, “Insan­ity is doing the same thing over and over again and expect­ing dif­fer­ent results.” Whether you under­stand his “mass-energy equiv­a­lence” the­ory or not is beside the point. Fact is you won’t get bet­ter dat­ing advice than these words of wis­dom from the father of mod­ern physics.

Look, I’m don’t mean to rain on your parade, but I’m just telling it how it is. And don’t worry, we’ve all been there. Much more impor­tant than your cur­rent suc­cess rate with women, is you’re will­ing­ness to learn from your mis­takes and that you dare to try some­thing dif­fer­ent. But what exactly?

What con­crete actions can you take today to get the girls that you most desire to WANT you?

I’m glad you asked! This is the HOLY GRAIL ques­tion of attrac­tion. So right here, right now let’s grab this bull by the horns and take a gutsy stab at answer­ing this most uni­ver­sal of questions.

How to Get a Girl to Like You — (Read: How NOT to Get a Girl to Want You)

Many guys try to do things for a woman, mis­tak­enly think­ing that he’ll earn brownie points that will make her want him. This couldn’t be fur­ther than the truth.

All this does is broadcast:

  • his com­plete LACK OF CONTROL over the situation
  • his DESPERATION to effect a cer­tain end
  • his CLUELESSNESS about how attrac­tion works

These are the kind of guys who start con­ver­sa­tions with women with the words, “Hey, can I buy you a drink?” and “You’re pretty”. And the guys who assume the “ther­a­pist” role (hear­ing all about her ex, the guys who have “done her wrong”, and the guy she is cur­rently see­ing — evening how great the sex is). As well as the guys who allow them­selves to be walked all over, hop­ing that she might even­tu­ally repay him for his kind­ness by allow­ing him to have sex with her. He plays chauf­feur, buys her lots of presents, puts up with her moody tem­per tantrums and gen­er­ally allows him­self to be controlled.

Does this sound like some­one you know?

The good news is that there are plenty of girls who have too much self-respect, com­pas­sion and bet­ter options than to encour­age this kind of behav­ior from guys.


… but on the other, less-fortunate hand, such

women DO exist who WILL accept (and in fact,

bla­tantly orches­trate) such behav­ior… some, who



Such women are toxic, and you would do well to

avoid all inter­ac­tions with them. Sex is not a

valid cur­rency in the mind of ANY man who has a

mod­icum of value.


So here’s the point: those are the kind of

women who ‘like you’ (or appear to) rather than

actu­ally WANTING YOU.


(They are also, often, the kinds of women who

believe that ‘men are rats’, that men are only out

to ‘get one thing’, and that your

funds are a valid exchange for such shreds of time

and flesh­li­ness as she’s pre­pared to throw your



… and let’s be hon­est here. Most of the time,

that flesh­li­ness is REFERRED to often, but rarely

actu­ally MATERIALIZES. So she’ll hint, infer, and

oth­er­wise make you THINK that you’re maybe going

to get a ‘reward’ for all your trou­bles … but it

almost NEVER actu­ally HAPPENS.


There is an impor­tant les­son here: if you want

to make a woman WANT you, you have got to be in

con­trol of your­self, and not seem DESPERATE.


The eas­i­est way not to seem des­per­ate is, of

course, to actu­ally not BE des­per­ate. And the best

way to gen­uinely avoid des­per­a­tion is to actually

HAVE OPTIONS when it comes to women and dating.


If you ever catch your­self feel­ing as though

you’d ‘do any­thing’ for a woman just to have her

hang around, she will SENSE it and be repelled.




Because women don’t like weak, needy men who

are OK with receiv­ing poor treat­ment sim­ply to

bask in her presence.


Power cor­rupts. And absolute power corrupts



So les­son one: don’t give away your power.

Don’t sup­pli­cate. Don’t beg. Don’t be desperate.

For now, put your atten­tion on the neces­sity of

not ‘fak­ing’ any­thing (i.e. not hav­ing to PRETEND

not to be needy or des­per­ate, while all along your

heart’s ham­mer­ing away and your palms are sweating

because this is Your Big Chance) … and of actually



A few solid guidelines:


- Don’t be on call for her.


- Don’t drop every­thing for her.


- Don’t wait for her to val­i­date you.


- Don’t offer to pur­chase any­thing or expend

any resources in order to talk to her or see her.

(If tak­ing girls out is some­thing you already do

for fun, then fine. But if you’re doing it because

you want her to ‘like you’, then con­sider that

your first red flag and drop that behav­ior like a

hot potato.)


- Don’t be the one she calls ONLY when she

needs some­thing’.


- Be a man, not a puppy-dog.


But enough with the doom and gloom. So now you

know how to make a woman ‘like’ you as opposed to

want’ you …


… so how do you flip the coin? How do you make



Is it looks?


Is it wealth?


Is it confidence?


Is it power?


All those things are part of it, but they’re



I want you to think deeper than what everyone

else is telling you. Think deeper than

con­ven­tional wisdom.’


What is the sin­gle most fun­da­men­tal thing that

a female wants in a sex­ual partner?


Think about it…


What’s the one thing she HAS to have?


I can tell you straight off that it isn’t

looks. There are plenty of average-looking guys

with beau­ti­ful females in their lives.


And qual­ity women don’t tend to be overly

impressed by wealth.


Con­fi­dence is def­i­nitely a big one, but it’s

still not ESSENTIAL a full 100% of the time, with

100% of women.


… so WHAT IS IT?


Here goes: the MOST impor­tant thing that a

woman needs in order to WANT YOU is …


… that you are a MAN.


That you know what it means to be a man … that

you’re OK with it … that you don’t APOLOGIZE for

it … that you have the strength to BE it … and

that you ARE it, through and through, 100%

con­gru­ence … mean­ing, there’s no ‘act’ here.


(Because women can smell FALSITY.)


Females are attracted to MEN, plain and simple.


A MAN is some­one who’s dif­fer­ent from her in

every way.


A MAN is some­one who has integrity, knows who

he is, and knows where he’s going.


A MAN is some­one that a woman can trust to

guide her and lead her into a great future.


A MAN is some­one who has the strength to let

her be her most fem­i­nine self with­out ever making

her feel that SHE’S the one who’s going to have to

carry’ them both. Who can let her know that

everything’s going to be OK. Who’s not fazed by

her fem­i­nin­ity. Who sup­ports her EMOTIONALLY, not

just MATERIALLY. Who val­i­dates HER instead of

look­ing TO her for validation.


Here’s what ‘being a man’ ISN’T:


- Try­ing to be her ‘friend’ in order to come in

under the radar’.


- Pay­ing for atten­tion, affec­tion, or



- Dis­guis­ing your truth in order to ‘cre­ate an

impres­sion.’ (For exam­ple, hang­ing out in the VIP

lounge and flash­ing your money-clip around in

order to get ‘high-class’ females, when it’s

actu­ally beyond your means to maintain.)


- Freak­ing out when she reacts emo­tion­ally to a



- Rely­ing on her for val­i­da­tion and approval.


- Look­ing to her for deci­sions and opinions.


A woman will go to other women to share

feel­ings, gos­sip, and talk about the neighbors.

She’ll go to a MAN for her other needs. She’ll go

to a MAN when she wants to lean on some­one strong.

She’ll go to a MAN when she wants to let loose

and go wild.


A woman wants a man because he’s a MAN … not

because he’s ‘just like her’ or ‘just like a



I want you to get this con­cept, because it’s

THAT impor­tant.


Have you ever been in the sit­u­a­tion where

you’re the guy a girl goes to when she has ‘boy

prob­lems’ and wants to talk them through … but if

you try to kiss her or move things forward

phys­i­cally, she balks and backs off and makes an



This sort of thing hap­pens when a woman just

isn’t ‘feel­ing’ your mas­culin­ity. You’re not

mak­ing her feel safe, sup­ported, or that you’re

strong enough to LEAD.


And by the way … mak­ing a woman ‘feel

sup­ported’ is NOT about dol­ing out relationship

advice, telling her she’s ‘too good’ for other

guys, or being the shoul­der to cry on.


It’s about let­ting her know, tac­itly, that YOU

are always in con­trol, that you are some­one she

can RELY on, and that you can ‘han­dle it’,

what­ever ‘it’ is.


See, this is some­thing that a lot of guys

strug­gle with. They’re AFRAID to be ‘men’ because

they don’t want to SCARE any­body (like women).

They’re scared to just be a man and be OK with it.


By try­ing not to give too much ‘air-time’ to

aggres­sive­ness or mas­culin­ity, they’ve actually

NEUTERED them­selves and become a ‘blank cartridge’

in terms of ATTRACTION.


This is why so many women seem to prefer

jerks’. Not because they actu­ally WANT a ‘jerk’,

but because, when faced with a choice between a

sen­si­tive new-age guy’ and a JERK, they’d rather

pick the jerk … because at least HE knows how to

be a MAN.


(Sadly for many women, they lit­er­ally are

unaware that there is a mid­dle ground here — that

great men do exist who are nei­ther SNAGs nor

jerks, who are EXCELLENT men who also know how to

BE MEN. This is why ‘jerks’ have such a cachet for

many … because they lit­er­ally don’t know of

any­thing else that’s out there that’s still

capa­ble of being a man. For­tu­nately for these

women, you will be able to con­vey this qual­ity to

them soon.)


When you sup­press your mas­culin­ity in order for

women to ‘be OK’ with you, you actu­ally just

guar­an­teed that a woman’s going to feel NOTHING

around you.


Just that. Neutrality.


Not aroused. Not hot. NOTHING.


Guys have LOST the abil­ity to be men … and, in

the process, they’ve lost what it takes to attract



Now, I’m mak­ing no assump­tions about YOU



But for those guys out there who feel like they

could use a lit­tle more instruc­tion on what it

takes to be a man … I have some­thing to say to



It’s NOT the end of the world.


You’re not resigned to being the guy you are

now for always.


Think about how much you’ve changed from the

way you were at 13 years old … or even at 3 years



You have the poten­tial for AMAZING growth and

devel­op­ment. In five years, you could look back

on the guy you are now and feel like you have

noth­ing in com­mon with him. You could be the MAN

that takes attract­ing excel­lent females for granted.

You could be so trans­formed that you barely even

remem­ber what it’s like to feel stuck in your old



If you’re happy with the man you are now and

the life you have now, then by all means stay with

what works.


But if you’re NOT com­pletely happy … if you

feel STUCK in old pat­terns of get­ting rejected and

beat­ing your­self up … if you’re absolutely 100%

will­ing to make a CHANGE in your life and take

that risk…


…Then you’re ready for the next step in your

seduc­tion instruction.




Answer “yes” or “no” to each ques­tion below.


1. I don’t have too much of a problem

attract­ing females I find attractive.


2. I often find myself adjust­ing who I am or

even mak­ing things about myself up to seem



3. I can think of a lot of rea­sons that a female

wouldn’t be attracted to me.


4. I find it hard to meet women whom I want AND



5. There’s not much that embar­rasses me about



6. The women I want rarely, if ever, want me



7. I’m con­fi­dent that some­day a woman will come

along who will rec­og­nize what a great guy I am.


8. As long as the sex is good, I’ll put up with

a lot in a woman.


9. I don’t have any prob­lem with being



10. I find it upset­ting when a woman gets upset

or starts throw­ing a fit.


11. I’m con­fi­dent that I can han­dle most things

that life throws at me.


12. I feel like I have a pretty good

rela­tion­ship with my Dad.


13. It annoys me when things don’t go as



14. I’m not really a “picky” per­son, I’m pretty

good at going with the flow.


15. I’ve got a good idea of what I want my

future to look like in the next cou­ple years.




For every answer that matches below, give

your­self a point. For every answer that doesn’t

match, sub­tract a point.


1 — YES, 2 — NO, 3 — NO, 4 — NO, 5 — YES, 6 -

NO, 7 — NO, 8 — NO, 9 — YES, 10 — NO, 11 — YES, 12

- YES, 13 — NO, 14 — YES, 15 — YES




Now, you may be expect­ing me to tell you

whether or not you’re a “real man” based on your

score, but I’m not going to tell you what your

score “should” be. There’s no thresh­old that you

cross over that tells you that NOW you’re a man.


Clearly, the more points you get, the better

you’re doing … but this is a PROCESS we’re talking

about here.


You’re going to con­tinue learn­ing more about

what it means to be a man until the day you die.


But if your score wasn’t as high as you thought

it should be, I’m going to give you three

mind-blowing prin­ci­ples right now that, if you

mas­ter them, have the power to completely

trans­form your life.




Tip #1: Get pas­sion­ate about some­thing other

than women.


There’s noth­ing less attrac­tive than a guy

who’s OK with ‘set­tling’ for a life that he’s not



If you are liv­ing your life with­out energy and

enthu­si­asm, then you are going to find it

dif­fi­cult to EVER get a really excel­lent female

inter­ested in you.


And by the way … ‘pas­sion’ doesn’t count if

it’s only WOMEN you’re pas­sion­ate about. You need

to have inter­ests other than sim­ply ‘get­ting good

with women’ if you want to be a com­pelling man.


Here’s what most guys do: they get comfortable,

get a steady job, rent a decent place in an

apart­ment com­plex, and spend all their free time

on some com­bi­na­tion of the fol­low­ing: the

com­puter, work­ing out, and/or drink­ing. And then

they com­plain that they don’t have a girlfriend!


If you want to be the kind of MAN that a WOMAN

desires, then you have got to get inter­ested in

liv­ing a full life.


And this isn’t some­thing that you ‘do’ to ‘get

women’. Liv­ing a kick-ass life is hopefully

some­thing you want to do FOR YOURSELF — otherwise

I’m going to assume you don’t have a lot of

self-respect (in which case, you’re going to find

it dif­fi­cult to EVER get a qual­ity woman.)


Tip #2: Don’t give when you don’t WANT to give.


Some guys find it too easy to become a

yes-man’. You know — the guy who agrees to do

things, give things, and say things when he

doesn’t really want to and he doesn’t really mean



For exam­ple: the kind of guy who’ll agree with

a woman, EVEN WHEN he doesn’t ACTUALLY agree, just

so she’ll ‘like him more’.


Or the kind of guy who’ll com­pli­ment a woman

on some­thing he could not care less about so

she’ll think they’re ‘on the same wavelength’.


Or the kind of guy who’ll incon­ve­nience himself

mas­sively for a woman because he’s afraid that, if

he doesn’t, he’ll ‘lose his chance’.


Here’s the truth: it is THAT VERY ATTITUDE that

will ‘lose you your chance’, because a great woman

will not stay attracted to some­one who’s so

pet­ri­fied of ‘los­ing her’ that he can’t even bring

him­self to be authentic.


Learn how to say ‘no’ in a way that’s NOTBIG

DEAL. Don’t get freaked out if you have a

dif­fer­ent opin­ion to someone.


Get excited about rad­i­cal hon­esty and the

revi­tal­iz­ing effect it can have on your

rela­tion­ships with women.


Con­sider the fact that a con­flict of opinion,

when han­dled well, is inter­est­ing and cre­ates the

fric­tion that leads to passion.


Be inter­est­ing. Be OK with being interesting.


Tip #3: Get val­i­da­tion from some­thing in your

life other than women.


If you are rely­ing on suc­cess with females to

val­i­date you and make you feel worth­while, then

your sat­is­fac­tion with your life and your sense of

con­fi­dence as a man is for­ever going to be

ephemeral and linked to exter­nal events that are,

BY THEIR VERY NATURE, con­stantly shifting.


As a result, you’ll put way too much emphasis

on the out­come of ANY sit­u­a­tion with a woman.


The worst-case sce­nario is that you’ll be

unable to relax around women, and your weird

urgency and inten­sity will creep her out.


The best-case sce­nario is that you’ll be

strapped to a life-long roller-coaster of ‘I

totally rule!’ and ‘Man, I SUCK’ because you’ll

never be in con­trol of your own value … and this

can be exhausting.


This is where ‘cre­at­ing and liv­ing a GREAT

life’ comes in. When you have a full life that

inter­ests you and from which you derive pleasure,

sud­denly ‘women’ are NOT SUCH A BIG DEAL. That’s

not to say that you can’t WANT a woman … but you

no longer NEED ONE in order to feel ‘normal’.


And as a result, women every­where sense your

innate con­trol and abil­ity to create

SELF-SATISFACTION, and will imme­di­ately start

show­ing up in your life.


But care­ful now … they can smell

inau­then­tic­ity. This will only work if you’re

doing it FOR REAL, not just as a ploy to ‘get