She slapped me, but I deserved it… Are YOU making any of these mistakes with girls?

Your future depends on what you do today.

Your future depends on what you do today.” Mahatma Gandhi

You might be sur­prised to dis­cover that I wasn’t a born nat­ural with the ladies. Much of what I know today about women and rela­tion­ships, I learned the hard way!

To give you an insight into just how clue­less I used to be with girls, here’s an embar­rass­ing story about how I got my first slap. It hap­pened in my early teens, and set the stage for some of the chal­lenges I’d face later on in my dat­ing life. 

I was at a birth­day party with friends and I fan­cied one of the girls there, but didn’t have the guts to approach her. Unsure how to get her atten­tion, I devised what I thought to be a cun­ning plan.  

I con­vinced a friend to go over to her and make a big deal about how my father was an out­stand­ing ath­lete and encour­age her to come over and ask me about my dad’s impres­sive sport­ing achievements.

Yeah, That’s How Lame I Was Back Then!

So any­way, my buddy heads over and starts telling her tall tales about my father. Sure enough, a few min­utes later she walks over to me and asks me if my dad really won the recent city marathon.

At that point, I acted offended and emo­tion­ally hurt. When she asked me what was wrong I told her that my father is not an ath­lete at all. Not only that, I went on to tell her that my father had lost both his legs after a seri­ous car accident! 

Of course, none of this was true. My father was nei­ther an excep­tional ath­lete, nor had he lost any limbs in a gory acci­dent. But man, you should have seen the look on her face!

She was mor­ti­fied and had tears welling up in her eyes. She hugged me and told me repeat­edly how incred­i­bly sorry she was, assur­ing me that she had no idea that my dad was in a wheelchair. 

I Rel­ished the Atten­tion, But It Didn’t Last… 

She sud­denly stormed over to my buddy and gave him a tight slap across the face while shout­ing ver­bal abuse at him. In his defense, he explained that it was just a joke, and it was all my idea. 

I had no choice but to come clean about it. This right­fully earned me an even harder slap than the one he’d received and the rep­u­ta­tion for being “creepy”. As you might have guessed, we never hit it off after that. 

Not only did I screw up my chances with her, but all her friends caught wind of what had hap­pened and let’s just say that my lit­tle stunt didn’t do my pop­u­lar­ity any favors. Man was I relieved when we finally left that party!

What Was I Thinking?

Even today I’m not entirely sure what I was think­ing, but I cer­tainly learned a les­son about how NOT to attract girls. Play­ing the sym­pa­thy card is not big and it’s not clever, and it sure ain’t going to get you laid. 

Granted, most guys know this stuff intu­itively and don’t need to find out the hard way. Lucky for them, but I wasn’t like most guys. I was an inex­pe­ri­enced teenager and a world away from being a Casanova or Don Juan.

Truth be told, over the years I’ve had my fair share of awk­ward moments and embar­rass­ing sit­u­a­tions with women. I’ve made just about all the clas­sic, ass-kissing dat­ing mis­takes that com­mu­ni­cate loser­dom, des­per­a­tion and neediness.

For­tu­nately I’ve learned from my mis­takes, and while nobody’s per­fect, I’m a whole lot more con­fi­dent and relaxed with beau­ti­ful girls. While some mem­o­ries of my awk­ward and anx­ious days still make me cringe, I can talk openly about this stuff now. I can even look back with a smile because I’m not the shy and inse­cure guy who I used to be. 

Of course, I didn’t become con­fi­dent at attract­ing women overnight. It was the result of a con­sis­tent effort to improve myself and a will­ing­ness to step out of my com­fort zone. It’s not easy to be the mas­cu­line man that women really want, but then noth­ing in life that’s worth achiev­ing ever is. 

Are You Mak­ing Any of These Mistakes?

I used to be shy and afraid of rejec­tion, so I’d wait for signs that a girl liked me before mak­ing a move. I didn’t real­ize how much women respect a man who is upfront about his desires and how insignif­i­cant rejec­tion is in the over­all scheme of things. 

I used to bore women with pre­dictable con­ver­sa­tion. In my attempt to avoid con­fronta­tion, I was too agree­able and kept con­tra­dic­tory opin­ions to myself. I didn’t real­ize how much women love being chal­lenged and it took me a long time to dis­cover how to gen­er­ate attrac­tion with play­ful teasing.

I used to suf­fer from “nice guy syn­drome”, falsely believ­ing that if I put in enough friend­ship tokens, girls would mag­i­cally become attracted to me. I was slow to grasp that being polar­iz­ing actu­ally helps to attract women because it demon­strates con­fi­dence and charisma.

Some­times I want to kick myself for all the oppor­tu­ni­ties I wasted wait­ing for that per­fect moment, which never seemed to arrive. The longer I waited to approach or go in for the kiss, the more ner­vous I’d get, so it did noth­ing but ruin my chances.  

And my biggest regret is that I allowed myself to be taken advan­tage of by beau­ti­ful girls. In my attempts to win their affec­tion I’d make myself too avail­able, change my plans to accom­mo­date theirs, and go out of my way to do favors, which did noth­ing but com­mu­ni­cate that I was a needy loser with no life of my own.

But It’s Not Entirely Our Fault

These are just a few exam­ples of the rookie mis­takes I used to make with girls. Per­haps you’ve made sim­i­lar mis­takes? If you have, it’s noth­ing to be ashamed about. In fact, it’s not entirely our fault. Soci­ety seems to think that dat­ing is a nat­ural process that we should get right with­out guidance.

The truth is that dat­ing behav­iors are com­plex social skills that must be learned. Dat­ing requires learn­ing social rules, read­ing sub­tle body lan­guage, and expe­ri­enc­ing some rejec­tion. If that weren’t enough, there is heaps of com­pe­ti­tion when it comes to attract­ing the most beau­ti­ful girls.

To make mat­ters worse, men and women are wired dif­fer­ently. Not only are women more ver­bally and emo­tion­ally expres­sive, they are also more in tune with non-verbal com­mu­ni­ca­tion than men. So being ner­vous or inse­cure can blow your chances with a girl even before you utter a sin­gle word.

What’s more, guys are usu­ally expected to lead the inter­ac­tion in every­thing from the ini­tial approach, to the first kiss, and the act of sex itself. With this much pres­sure, it’s no won­der it’s so hard to be cool, calm and con­fi­dent around attrac­tive women. 

The good news is that even if you’re a shy guy, with the right atti­tude and the right infor­ma­tion, you can dras­ti­cally improve your suc­cess rate with women. I’m not going to pre­tend that it’s going to be easy, but you can bet it’ll be worth the effort.

You Can Attract Fun and Sexy Women

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Any man can make mis­takes, but only an idiot per­sists in his error. — Mar­cus Tul­lius Cicero

Remem­ber, I can only help you if you’re will­ing to help your­self, so take action and get results!

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