Pros and Cons of Online Dating

Advantages of online dating

Dis­cover the pros and cons of online dating

If you’ve been won­der­ing if you should join an online dat­ing site, then this arti­cle about the pros and cons of online dat­ing will help you decide if it’s right for you.

These days most peo­ple know at least a few cou­ples who met online so it’s no secret that online dat­ing works. Read on to dis­cover the biggest advan­tages and dis­ad­van­tages of dat­ing online.

Advan­tages of Online Dating

Here’s a overview of some of the main ben­e­fits of online dating:

  • You know that (almost) every per­son posted online is avail­able and look­ing for com­pan­ion­ship. So you don’t have to waste time pur­su­ing some­one only to later dis­cover that she is in a relationship.
  • Online dat­ing is way more con­ve­nient than tra­di­tional dat­ing. You can look for dates in your paja­mas at 3 a.m. For peo­ple with day jobs, chil­dren, and other social oblig­a­tions, this is a major advantage.
  • Dat­ing is a “num­bers game” and online dat­ing is designed around fast and effi­cient ini­tial con­tacts increas­ing your odds of meet­ing “good ones”. Online dat­ing makes parallel-dating pos­si­ble for many peo­ple who would nor­mally only get a date once in a blue moon.
  • You know quite a lot about the per­son before exchang­ing a sin­gle word. Age, height, loca­tion, edu­ca­tion, voca­tion, chil­dren, reli­gion etc. From her pro­file you also know some­thing about how she thinks and writes, which can give you a feel­ing for what her per­son­al­ity might be like.
  • Based on her pho­tos, you know roughly what she looks like and you have a way of con­tact­ing her, with­out first hav­ing to ask for her con­tact details.
  • If she shows lit­tle inter­est after your ini­tial con­tact, you can move onto the next prospect quickly.
  • You can do all this for less than what it costs you to go out to din­ner at a moderate-priced restaurant.

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By Com­par­i­son, Tra­di­tional Dat­ing is Random

By chance you’re invited to a party. There you meet a friend who hap­pens to be chat­ting to a pretty girl. As luck would have it, she also hap­pens to be sin­gle. Your friend is good enough to intro­duce you then leaves you to con­tinue con­ver­sa­tion with her.

You enjoy the con­ver­sa­tion and you dis­cover that the two of you have a lot in com­mon, so you pluck the courage to ask for her number. Later in the week you call her up and ask her out on a date. She accepts. You meet and find out more about her and like what you see. So does she. And so on and so on…

Notice that if, at any of the steps along the way, you real­ize you’re not a match, you quit and wait until another ran­dom event (like the party) occurs and you try again. Clearly online dat­ing has some seri­ous advan­tages over the ran­dom­ness of tra­di­tional dating.

Per­haps the biggest advan­tage is that it increases your pos­si­bil­i­ties and it can also be moral build­ing to see just how many peo­ple are available. Of course like any­thing online dat­ing has pros and cons, so let’s take a look now at some of the dis­ad­van­tages of online dat­ing.

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Dis­ad­van­tages of Online Dating

So we’ve looked at the advan­tages, but I’m sure you also want to know why online dat­ing is bad. The biggest dis­ad­van­tages of online dat­ing is that it can be imper­sonal, time con­sum­ing, and addictive.

Also due to the sheer num­ber of peo­ple dat­ing online, there is a ten­dency for peo­ple to shop. This means that a girl you date is likely to be parallel-dating other guys. Of course this is only fair as you’ll likely be parallel-dating other girls. When peo­ple are so spoilt for choice, they can have a hard time committing.

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Another dis­ad­van­tage of online dat­ing is that peo­ple are not always hon­est about who they are, what they’re look­ing for, their weight, age, mar­i­tal his­tory, their past etc. For some peo­ple online dat­ing is about liv­ing out fantasies.

To avoid being strung along, I sug­gest you have no more than a cou­ple of email chats and phone calls over a cou­ple of weeks before you meet some­one face to face.

Another often over­looked prob­lem of online dat­ing is that it’s much more likely to become involved in a long-distance rela­tion­ship, than if you were to meet some­one locally in per­son because inter­net dat­ing sites attract peo­ple from all around the coun­try and world.

The Pros Out­weigh the Cons

It’s true that online dat­ing used to be stig­ma­tized as being the domain of the des­per­ate, lonely and socially dys­func­tional. This is no longer the case and it’s far too main­stream now to ignore. Online dat­ing works because it dras­ti­cally increases your pool of poten­tial dates, enables you to meet peo­ple from dif­fer­ent social cir­cles and pro­vides you with options, which is never a bad thing.

Every­day day peo­ple like you all over the world are suc­cess­fully find­ing com­pan­ion­ship and love online. Com­pared to tra­di­tional dat­ing, the approach is eas­ier, the rejec­tion is eas­ier, the suc­cess rate is higher and it can be a lot of fun. You’d be crazy not to give it a try!

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