How to Deal With Rejection

In this "How to Deal With Rejection" category you'll discover why women reject men, why women flake and the biggest turnoffs for women, so you can overcome approach anxiety and avoid the friend zone. Some Rejection is inevitable so learning to deal with rejection is vital to becoming good with women.

How to Avoid Being “Friend Zoned”

Avoid the Friend Zone

The Friend Zone is often thought of as the penalty box of dating and occurs when a woman categorizes you as a friend rather than a potential lover. For most women these categories are mutually exclusive, which means that it can be very difficult to get out of the Friend Zone once inside and the effort required usually isn't worth it. Of course there is nothing wrong with being friends with a woman, and it does have its perks. For example you can expand your social circle by getting to know her friends. However, if you're looking for more than just friendship then this will be of little consolation and … Continue reading →

Top 5 Reasons Why Women Reject Men

Find out why women reject men

Have you ever been rejected by a woman and been absolutely clue­less as to her rea­sons? One moment you felt like there was a real con­nec­tion, and the next thing you know she stops return­ing your calls. In this post we’ll look at the top 5 rea­sons why women reject men (listed here from the least to […]

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Top Reasons Why Women Flake and How to Reduce Flake Out

How to reduce your flake out

Flak­ing out is when a woman gives you her con­tact details, but then doesn’t respond to your mes­sages, goes cold after a few exchanges, or doesn’t show up on a date.  One moment she seems really into you and you’re excited about the prospect of a hot date, and then sud­denly her attrac­tion fiz­zles out and […]

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How to Overcome Extreme Approach Anxiety

What Fight Club can teach you about approach anxiety

Do you suf­fer from extreme approach anx­i­ety? You know, you see a beau­ti­ful girl who you’d love to meet, but instead of approach­ing her you chicken out and make excuses like: The tim­ing isn’t right What will peo­ple think? I’m prob­a­bly not her type She prob­a­bly has a boyfriend If this sounds famil­iar, don’t worry you’re not alone. […]

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Avoid These 2 Biggest Turn Offs for Women

The biggest turn offs for women

Can you guess what the two biggest turn offs for woman are? No, it’s not poor hygiene or even a lack of con­fi­dence. The biggest turn offs for women are men who are unem­ployed or who live with their par­ents. If nei­ther of these describe your sit­u­a­tion, then I sug­gest check­ing out the top reasons why […]

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How to Handle Shit Tests from Women

How to handle shit tests from women.

Shit tests are thrown out by women to test if you’re really the strong, con­fi­dent and suc­cess­ful man that you make your­self out to be. Women use shit tests to test how much fem­i­nine power they can exert over you as a way to gauge your man­li­ness. Shit tests help women to find out if you […]

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