Avoid These 2 Biggest Turn Offs for Women

Things that turn women off

The biggest turn offs for women

Can you guess what the two biggest turn offs for woman are? No, it’s not poor hygiene or even a lack of con­fi­dence. The biggest turn offs for women are men who are unem­ployed or who live with their parents.

If nei­ther of these describe your sit­u­a­tion, then I sug­gest check­ing out the top rea­sons why women reject men. If you are unem­ployed or still liv­ing with your folks then read on…

The 2nd Biggest Turn Off for Women is Unemployment

It may seem superficial, but unem­ploy­ment is one of the biggest turn offs for a woman. Secu­rity is a pri­mary female need so big warn­ing lights go off in a woman’s mind when a man is finan­cially insecure. 

This is not to say that you need to be wealthy because it’s not so much where you are now that mat­ters, as much as where you are headed, but unem­ploy­ment usu­ally means that you’re headed nowhere fast.

Depend­ing on your posi­tion, a job might also help to increase your sta­tus in the eyes of a woman. Per­haps more than any­thing though, hold­ing a steady job shows that you’ve “got it together”, and on a sub­con­scious level that you’ll be capa­ble of  pro­vid­ing for a family.

Employ­ment has many sec­ondary ben­e­fits too, for exam­ple the work­place offers a great oppor­tu­nity to improve your com­mu­ni­ca­tion skills, some­thing that women value highly. A steady job will also give you plenty to talk about as you exchange news about your day.

Secur­ing a source of income is not only a nec­es­sary step to finan­cial self-sufficiency, but also for self respect. Men need to work.

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Of course there are cir­cum­stances in which it’s per­fectly legit­i­mate to take some time out. For exam­ple to learn new skills and improve your­self as an indi­vid­ual, or to give some­thing back to soci­ety. This might mean going back to col­lege to study, tak­ing time out to explore the world, or doing some vol­un­teer work abroad or within your local community.

On the other hand, if you’re stuck in a rut and don’t have a job, you need to make find­ing work your pri­or­ity. How much time are you wast­ing in front of the TV or surf­ing online? Be hon­est with your­self. It’s too easy to make excuses and blame the econ­omy or some­thing else for your lack of progress.

Set a goal to research job prospects for at least two hours a day. Set aside another hour to tai­lor your resume to spe­cific employ­ers you are inter­ested in. Draft a good cover let­ter for each, tak­ing the time to address it to the per­son that posted the job descrip­tion. Set aside another por­tion of your day to email your resume and cover letter.

Find­ing a job should be your full-time job, so read books about how to pre­pare for inter­views and make it your pri­or­ity to acquire the nec­es­sary skills for the job you want.  Don’t let your­self be dis­cour­aged. Putting in this effort will do won­ders for your self-image and your per­sis­tence will be rewarded. Who knows, you might even meet your future part­ner on the job!

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The Biggest Turn Off For Women Are Men Who Live With Their Parents

Not hav­ing a place of your own is prob­a­bly the one thing that turns women off the most. Espe­cially if you are a reserved per­son with­out much dat­ing expe­ri­ence, this is just another hin­der­ing sit­u­a­tion that works against you.

It’s one thing if you tem­porar­ily moved back in with your par­ents after col­lege to save money while you pay off your stu­dent loans or if you’ve been laid off work and need a cheap place to stay for a while. But it’s impor­tant you’re aware that this sit­u­a­tion won’t do your dat­ing life any favors, so know when it’s time to ven­ture out on your own again.

Even if your par­ents are wel­com­ing of your vis­it­ing friends, it’s always bet­ter for your social life to have your own place. While it’s nice to own your own prop­erty, of course not every­one can afford it and rent­ing might even be preferable. Renting even a small place, either on your own or shar­ing, can make a huge dif­fer­ence to your suc­cess with women.

Shar­ing an apart­ment with some­one can get you used to deal­ing with peo­ple other than fam­ily, and can help you widen your social cir­cle as you get to know each other’s friends and per­haps even go the occa­sional party together.

Search for place to live in an area on the upswing, with plenty of young peo­ple. It’s true that the most desir­able areas are also the most expen­sive, but you can get around this some­what by get­ting a place that is slightly smaller than opti­mal, or in a slightly less desir­able sec­tion that lets you eas­ily travel to some ener­getic areas of town.

Avoid sleepy sub­urbs that are far from the action — movie the­aters, clubs, restau­rants, shop­ping, friends, meet­ing places, events, gal­leries, muse­ums etc. If it becomes a huge effort and takes too much time to get out, then you’ll be less inclined to make the effort.

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  1. This is so true, how­ever as you know it’s dif­fer­ent for every­one.
    I have a friend who’s 30, works as a car-rental agent part-time, and lives at home with his mom and dad. Yet some­how has women flock­ing at him. I do admit though he is charm­ing, and funny.

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