Top 5 Reasons Why Women Reject Men

Why guys get rejected

Find out why women reject men

Have you ever been rejected by a woman and been absolutely clue­less as to her rea­sons? One moment you felt like there was a real con­nec­tion, and the next thing you know she stops return­ing your calls.

In this post we’ll look at the top 5 rea­sons why women reject men (listed here from the least to most com­mon) so you can increase your con­fi­dence with women and avoid rejection.

Rea­son for Rejec­tion 5: Poor Hygiene and Presentation

When it comes to hygiene, women usu­ally have higher stan­dards than men and this is one of the big rea­sons why women reject men. If you want to avoid rejec­tion then it’s very impor­tant that you make a spe­cial effort in the hygiene depart­ment. This is espe­cially impor­tant at the begin­ning of a rela­tion­ship, oth­er­wise she won’t bother to take the time to get to know.

Before meet­ing for a date make sure that you shower, wash your hair, wash your ears, brush and floss, clip your nails, shave or trim your facial hair, apply an antiper­spi­rant and nice cologne (with­out over­do­ing it), wear freshly laun­dered clothes and clean underwear.

Stained clothes, worn shoes, unkempt facial hair and bad breath are all big turnoffs for women. Your clothes should make a good impres­sion, fit well and be appro­pri­ate for your planned activ­i­ties, while being com­fort­able to wear.

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Rea­son for Rejec­tion 4: Bravado and Self-Absorbed Behavior

There is a big dif­fer­ence between con­fi­dence and being self-absorbed, and your dat­ing life will suf­fer if you can’t dis­cern between the two. You might be sur­prised to hear that qual­ity women reject men that boast about pos­ses­sions, income, social sta­tus because it sug­gests that their per­son­al­ity isn’t inter­est­ing enough to war­rant attention.

Real con­fi­dence with women is when you don’t feel the need to impress with mate­r­ial wealth because you have your own mea­sure of self worth.

The more you try to impress women, the more you will be adver­tis­ing your weak­nesses and insecurities. This is a com­mon rea­son why women reject men, that many men are not aware of.

The best way to impress a woman is to really lis­ten to what she has to say. Be inter­ested in her, rather than try to be inter­est­ing to her. There’s a world of dif­fer­ence between the two. Self-absorbed behav­ior, like when you don’t wait your turn to talk, or you inter­rupt her when she is talk­ing, is a huge turnoff for women.

Rea­son for Rejec­tion 3: Com­plain­ing about Ex-Girlfriends

Every­one has had bad rela­tion­ships, but keep them to your­self or you’ll only attract inse­cure women who are accept­ing of your ex bash­ing. Com­plain­ing about ex-girlfriends only com­mu­ni­cates one of three things to your date, that you:

  1. That you carry a lot of emo­tional baggage
  2. That you can­not man­age your relationships
  3. That you only focus on the negatives

None of these things are attrac­tive and will only increase your chances of rejec­tion by women. In any case it’s not her prob­lem, so deal with it your­self and don’t drag her into it.

A mature woman would with­hold judge­ment until she heard both sides of the story any­way, so don’t expect any sym­pa­thy. Your moan­ing will only demon­strate a lack of confidence.

Also any time you spend ex bash­ing can be much bet­ter used get­ting to know the girl you’re with. Take respon­si­bil­ity for your rela­tion­ships and don’t risk the oppor­tu­nity to bond with your date by wal­low­ing in the past.

Rea­son for Rejec­tion 2: Inde­ci­sive­ness and Lack of Confidence

Women are attracted to men who are deci­sive and con­fi­dent enough to take the lead in rela­tion­ships. In gen­eral terms, it is the man who is expected to take the assertive role, in every­thing from the ini­tial approach, to the first kiss, and the act of sex itself. Women are quick to reject men who are not con­fi­dent enough to take the lead in the relationship.

A woman will tell you if there is some­thing she doesn’t like. Women can deal with a man who knows what he wants, but they are much more for­giv­ing of inde­ci­sive­ness. Instead of say­ing, “We can do what­ever you want”, make a sug­ges­tion or be a man and make deci­sions yourself.

Another com­mon mis­take that leads to rejec­tion is to agree with every­thing she says, or to try to find out her opin­ion on some­thing before express­ing your own. This shows that you’re not con­fi­dent enough to stand by your own opin­ions and will be inter­preted as weakness.

As long as you share sim­i­lar under­ly­ing val­ues and are respect­ful of each oth­ers views, dif­fer­ent opin­ions help to keep a rela­tion­ship inter­est­ing, so don’t be afraid to speak your mind. 

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Rea­son for Rejec­tion 1: Need­i­ness and Smothering

This is per­haps the main rea­son why women reject men, and the topic is more com­plex than can be summed up in a few para­graphs. The bot­tom line is that women are repulsed by needy men. In prac­ti­cal terms this means that you need to demon­strate that you have a life and inter­ests out­side of your relationship.

Mak­ing a habit of rear­rang­ing your plans for her or being on call for her only shows that you don’t have any­thing inter­est­ing going on in your life.

If you’re busy when she calls then get her to leave a mes­sage, or pick up and let her know you’ll call her back when it’s more con­ve­nient. She’ll respect you more for being a man of high sta­tus if you don’t always drop every­thing for her.

Also remem­ber that you’re not the only per­son in her life so give her time with her friends and fam­ily, and to pur­sue her own hob­bies and inter­ests. Less is often more. Women reject men who make them feel claus­tro­pho­bic so don’t smother her because it demon­strates your need­i­ness and shows that you don’t have any­thing bet­ter to do with your time.

She’ll find you more inter­est­ing and attrac­tive if you’re con­fi­dent enough to give her a lit­tle space. And before you know it, she’ll be the one chas­ing you! 

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