The 10 Most Dangerous Mistakes You Probably Make In Bed

Mistakes men make in bed

Avoid these 10 mis­takes men make in bed

Even the best lovers are often guilty of mis­takes in the bed­room… often WITHOUT ever know­ing it.

It’s just a fact of life.

But… that doesn’t mean that YOU have to be!

In this reveal­ing post you’ll dis­cover the most com­mon mis­takes men make in bed… and… what to do INSTEAD to drive your woman WILD with plea­sure. Avoid these 10 mis­takes and you’ll have bet­ter sex the very NEXT time you make love…


Mis­take #1) Think­ing She is Cli­max­ing When She Isn’t

You may think that your lover is hav­ing “mul­ti­ples” (or even ONE you-know-what) when she is not. She may make a bunch of noises and even TELL YOU it’s hap­pen­ing. But is she really?

Grab a Cos­mopoli­tan some­time and you’ll be amazed how many arti­cles and com­ments you’ll find on “fak­ing it.” I’m not say­ing that YOUR GIRL is fak­ing it EVERY TIME but… chances are there have been a few episodes of love mak­ing where she was CRAVING some­thing other than what you were giv­ing her.

When this hap­pens women just want it to be over and encour­age you to fin­ish. It doesn’t mean you are awful in bed; just that being a mind-blowing lover EVERY TIME takes some spe­cial­ized knowledge.

If you are giv­ing your girl the “Big O” (and absolutely 100% sure of it) then con­grat­u­la­tions! You’re one of the few guys who is ACTUALLY pleas­ing a woman REALLY WELL. But if you’re not, it is cru­cial that you learn how…

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Mis­take #2) Not Giv­ing Her a Vari­ety of Sex­ual Experiences

A lot of guys who are new to love­mak­ing – or are used to doing it with the same woman – tend to for­get that women want dif­fer­ent KINDS of sen­sual EXPERIENCES.

You might think that chang­ing posi­tions a few times and vary­ing the speed of your thrust­ing IS a mix­ing it up. But it is not.

Women thrive on emo­tions. Some­times they want to be taken, some­times they want it hard, and some­times they want to make love.

If you are NOT talk­ing dur­ing love­mak­ing and cre­at­ing a strong emo­tional expe­ri­ence for her, she CAN’T be totally ful­filled. Women want and NEED strong emo­tional expe­ri­ences in bed.

Let’s look at an example:

Women love bad boys because of the emo­tions that a bad boy inspires in them.

This is why that when a women cheats, it is often with a “bad boy.”

How­ever, you don’t need to be bad boy to cre­ate bad boy emo­tions within her in the bed­room. Just be a bad boy your­self by giv­ing her a light spank­ing, talk­ing dirty, and giv­ing it to her good!

Women also love very suave, roman­tic types. Think of the cheesy paper­back romance nov­els they read with Fabio on the cover. This is not a myth… women REALLY read this stuff!

Now, I’m not say­ing you should grow long hair and start rid­ing a horse… but what you can do is mix up your love­mak­ing with some roman­tic ses­sions in which you are telling your girl how beau­ti­ful she is to you and how much you love her.

Get it?

The skinny is this:

You NEED to give your lover a vari­ety of sex­ual expe­ri­ences… and YOU are capa­ble of giv­ing her each kind… but you have to mix it up!

Mis­take #3) For­get­ting to be a MAN

Ask any 100 women off of the street and 99 of them will tell you that they want a man that TAKES CONTROL.

That’s right, we want YOU to call the shots!

As long as you are respect­ful, your girl DOES want you to take con­trol in the bed­room, to flip her around and switch posi­tions with­out ask­ing, and to do what YOU want!

Women are pro­grammed to respond to strong, author­i­ta­tive, con­fi­dent men. It sig­ni­fies that you are a pro­tec­tor, a leader, and a suit­able mate.

Sure, it’s ok to ask her if she is enjoy­ing some­thing… but keep it sim­ple. Save the talk about actual posi­tions she liked for AFTER you are done.

Now don’t get me wrong – you are not mak­ing her a slave here, but rather lead­ing with author­ity and mas­cu­line strength.

Once you start doing this you will be able to do many things with her in the bed­room that she ear­lier would not do. Many guys often think a woman is just uptight if she doesn’t want to do some­thing… when in real­ity she just needs you to be a man and guide her with strength and con­fi­dence. You’ll be amazed at just how pow­er­fully she responds!

Mis­take #4) Think­ing Sex Isn’t That Impor­tant to Her

If you want to know how much women LOVE sex… just think about how loudly we scream dur­ing love­mak­ing! You won’t ever hear a guy scream­ing like that!

You might THINK that your drive is much higher than your woman’s because YOU are usu­ally the one ini­ti­at­ing sex with her. But…

As hard as it is to accept, rec­og­nize that if your girl doesn’t want to make love, it is NOT always because she doesn’t want to.

Unfor­tu­nately, it’s prob­a­bly because you just aren’t get­ting her off.

For­tu­nately this is an easy fix, and in a moment we’ll talk about how to do it…

Mis­take #5) Being Silent/Emotionless in Bed

You may think that it is “cheesy”, “creepy” or “weird” to talk roman­ti­cally in bed. How­ever, women HATE silent, mechan­i­cal lovemaking.


I’ll say it again: We women THRIVE on emotion.

Dirty talk or roman­tic talk are EXCELLENT ways to give your girl STRONG EMOTIONS in bed. And strong emo­tions = STRONG ORGASMS.

Never think that it is solely your phys­i­cal parts or motions you are mak­ing that give your girl the most plea­sure. The most POWERFULBIG O” will always be trig­gered by our MINDS, not by our phys­i­cal bodies.

Unlock her mind through dirty talk, roman­tic talk, and emo­tional talk WHILE mak­ing love, and she will expe­ri­ence the most intense plea­sure of her life!

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Mis­take #6) Trad­ing Dinners/Flowers/etc to Get Sex From Her

Many men mis­tak­enly think that we women aren’t inter­ested in mak­ing love (we already dis­cussed how this is incor­rect think­ing), and that they have to “trade some­thing” with her to get her to want intimacy.

This is why you see so many guys try­ing to “get there” with their girl by first tak­ing her out to a nice din­ner or buy­ing her gifts.

While doing nice things for your girl is awe­some, it should NEVER be with the inten­tion of GETTING SOME. When you have to trade some­thing to get inti­macy from your girl, real­ize that this is PROOF you are just not truly sat­is­fy­ing her in the bedroom.

When you are inti­mately sat­is­fy­ing your girl you will not have to trade ANYTHING for it, but she will often spon­ta­neously text you sexy mes­sages, buy YOU a small gift, or start ini­ti­at­ing love­mak­ing. Just wait and see!

Mis­take #7) Not Giv­ing Her Enough “Foreplay”

If you still think of “fore­play” as the activ­ity before love­mak­ing, well then you are think­ing of it WRONG!

Here’s a hint: Women con­sider fore­play as PART of the love­mak­ing. NOT as a sep­a­rate thing!

Here’s why:

While a man is not always capa­ble of hav­ing a “Big O” dur­ing fore­play AND then another “Big O” dur­ing the actual love­mak­ing, WOMEN CAN!

Imag­ine if YOU could have one dur­ing fore­play… AND not lose any firm­ness and keep hav­ing them well into love­mak­ing. You’d want to spend A LOT of time in fore­play too, right?

Well your girl CAN have fore­play “O’s” AND pen­e­tra­tion “O’s” so she DOES want to spend a lot of time in fore­play. As she should!

As a rule of thumb, spend at least the same amount of time on fore­play as love­mak­ing and you can always spend EVEN MORE time in fore­play. You can never get her too turned on and it will only make the love­mak­ing bet­ter when you are finally inside of her.

Mis­take #8) Not Last­ing Long Enough

This mis­take is well known and very sim­ple, but no list of mis­takes in the bed­room would be com­plete with­out it. But while all guys know they need to last long… they don’t nec­es­sar­ily know HOW LONG that is!

Well, after talk­ing to dozens of my girl­friends about the sub­ject, I’ve dis­cov­ered that we all think pretty much alike…

If you can last 20 min­utes, most women will be SUPER happy with that!

Mis­take #9) Mis­tak­ing Her Moody-ness for NORMAL Behavior

It’s no secret that we women can be a LOT mood­ier than you men =)

But if you’re in a rela­tion­ship with a woman and she seems to keep get­ting more and more moody over time… this is often because she isn’t get­ting what she needs in the bedroom.


As we talked about before… while women aren’t usu­ally as sex­u­ally aggres­sive as men, we do love and NEED to make love just as much!

But here’s the thing… if you’re not giv­ing her the “Big O”… then love­mak­ing does her no good!

Can you imag­ine if when you were “tak­ing care of your­self” you could NEVER “get there”? You’d begin to enjoy it less and less each time. Even­tu­ally you’d get so frus­trated by the inabil­ity to “fin­ish” that it would just be eas­ier to avoid it COMPLETELY!


If you can’t give her the “Big O” why WOULD she want to make love with you?

The answer:

She won’t.

If your girl is not want­ing to make love with you as much as you want then this is EXACTLY what has hap­pened for her.

In the begin­ning, she may have tol­er­ated it because she was really into you. Now that you have been together for a long time and love­mak­ing isn’t sat­is­fy­ing for her, it is more ful­fill­ing for her to take care of HERSELF when you’re not around. This leads to only being with you on spe­cial occa­sions… or when she feels oblig­ated (like if a guy bought her a fancy din­ner or some sort of gift.)

If you rec­og­nize any of these signs, it’s time to step up your game NOW before the drought gets even worse.

And when you do, you’ll dis­cover that when you are com­pletely rock­ing her world in bed, not only is she in a bet­ter mood on a day-to-day basis… but SHELL start ini­ti­at­ing mak­ing love with YOU!

A close friend of mine who is some what of a love-making expert him­self told me some­thing that I didnt’ believe at the time… but I now KNOW to be 100% true:

If you are giv­ing her the best of her life, she won’t care if you are home­less and liv­ing in a card­board box… as long as you can make love in it!

And hey, I’ll admit it… if a man can give it to me like that, this is prob­a­bly true =)

If your girl­friend or wife is often start­ing argu­ments, not want­ing inti­macy, or act­ing “dis­tant” in some way, it’s time to stop blam­ing her. Re-examine your abil­ity because the real cul­prit is inad­e­quate love­mak­ing pleasure.

Mis­take #10) Not Get­ting Help

Top per­form­ers in any aspect of life real­ize that MASTERY is a jour­ney, not a des­ti­na­tion. Top ath­letes don’t all-of-a-sudden stop prac­tic­ing. CEOs don’t sud­denly neglect their busi­nesses and expect it to keep grow­ing. And guess what… love­mak­ing is no different.

To be an amaz­ing lover you can’t ever be blinded by arro­gance. Never think that you know EVERYTHING. You may know A LOT but there are ALWAYS new tricks or tips to get you to the next level.

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Of course, I ’d be “crazy” to make an offer like that if we were at all wor­ried about that hap­pen­ing. In fact, I’ll bet that once you get these DVDs and see how well these tech­niques work, we wouldn’t be able to pry them out of your hands with a crowbar!

I’m this con­fi­dent because I know from expe­ri­ence that these are the REAL secrets women want you to know =)

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