3 Sex Positions That Guarantee Orgasms

3 Orgasmic Sex Positions

3 orgas­mic sex posi­tions that every man should know

In this post I am going to share with you 3 posi­tions that drive me and most other women CRAZY. These posi­tions are a sure­fire way to bring your girl to some of the loud­est, most intense orgasms of her life.

Most guys, in their strug­gle to please women never under­stand the SPOTS that actu­ally trig­ger orgasms so they flail around use­lessly try­ing weird sex­ual posi­tions that don’t work.

In this post I’m going to reveal 3 very impor­tant things that women know but never say:

  1. The real “orgasm zone” and why most guys NEVER hit it.
  2. The 3 ideal posi­tions to hit that “orgasm zone” and drive her to scream­ing, shak­ing orgasms.
  3. Advanced sex­ual strate­gies for each of the ideal posi­tions (only if you are look­ing for sex­ual mas­tery, this stuff is a bit wild).

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The Real “Orgasm Zone” Of A Woman… And Why Tra­di­tional Posi­tions NEVER Hit It!

Many guys know the feel­ing of hav­ing sex and won­der­ing WHEN their girl is going to orgasm. In a futile attempt to get her to come you keep pound­ing away hop­ing it will hap­pen. But it doesn’t.

The rea­son is because you are not hit­ting the “orgasm zone” that causes us to have an orgasm! Think about it like this:

Let’s say you burn your hand on the stove. You REALLY need to get some cold water on it. Your friend runs over with a bucket of cold water. But, instead of run­ning the cold water over your hand, he pours it all over your FOOT. You scream in agony that you needed cold water on YOUR HAND because that is what burned.

Obvi­ously the anal­ogy is a bit dra­matic and sim­ple, but it does prove a point. Yes you need water, but you needed it on a CERTAIN SPOT.

Let me explain how this helps teach you about female orgasm. She NEEDS your penis to have a vagi­nal orgasm with you inside her. But if your penis isn’t hit­ting the CERTAIN RIGHT SPOT it’s like dump­ing water on your foot when you burned your hand!

Now let’s talk about where the “orgasm zone” is inside of her. Guys don’t real­ize that the actual “orgasm zone” is the TOP INSIDE WALL of the vagina. This is where the G-spot, the deep spot, and all other sen­si­tive orgasm zones are located!

When you are hav­ing sex in most posi­tions your penis is going IN to her not UP AND IN where it will give her an orgasm. You’re not even giv­ing your­self a chance at giv­ing us an orgasm. How­ever, there is hope…

Once you learn how to ADAPT cer­tain posi­tions you will be going UP AND IN and nail­ing that “orgasm zone” EVERY TIME. You can expect your lover to start hav­ing G-spot, deep spot, and maybe even a squirt­ing orgasm when you start putting these pow­er­ful tricks into play!

The 3 Ideal Posi­tions to Hit the Orgasm Zone and Drive Her Over the Edge:

Posi­tion #1) An Advanced Ver­sion Of Doggy Style

An advanced version of doggy style

What you want to do is when you are enter­ing her from behind on the bed is to flat­ten her out. But, before you flat­ten her out you want to place a pil­low under the lower part of her stom­ach. Once you have a pil­low under her stom­ach (to raise her butt higher) you want to lie down fully flat on top of her.

Often peo­ple refer to this posi­tion with­out the pil­low as “froggy style.” How­ever instead of stay­ing even with her body, move up as high as you can. The goal of this is so that as you thrust you are hit­ting the top inside wall of her vagina. The entire point of the pil­low and mov­ing up on her is so that you are thrust­ing down DIRECTLY into her “orgasm zone.” As long as you can last at least 5 min­utes in this posi­tion you are sure to give her an orgasm.

Here’s how to take it to the NEXT LEVEL:

- if you are doing it right your head should be right above hers putting you in a per­fect posi­tion for some dirty talk… As long as you feel com­fort­able and she is com­fort­able you can throw in some dirty talk along the lines of: “you like it like this?”, “you like me on top of you?”, “you have a great ass baby.”

Here’s another secret:

- you can use your arms to lightly pin down her arms to show male author­ity… by doing this you are going to increase the “ani­mal pri­mal instincts” that doggy style pro­vides because it shows her that you are totally in con­trol of whats going on.

And one more:

- once she has an orgasm DON’T STOP… she will have an orgasm and think she needs a break… how­ever, you can keep going lightly and she’ll recover… and be ready for an even more intense sec­ond orgasm. Slowly increase your speed and pres­sure and she’ll come again and again and again! In the 2 Girls Teach Sex DVDs, you’ll see in full high def­i­n­i­tion exactly how to do this.

Posi­tion #2) What I call the “2 Inches Big­ger G-spot Missionary”

G-spot missionaryThe mis­sion­ary posi­tion often gets a hor­ri­ble name. Crit­ics call it bor­ing, plain, and vanilla. How­ever, when used the RIGHT WAY mis­sion­ary posi­tion can be one of the most inti­mate, orgasm giv­ing posi­tions there is. I per­son­ally LOVE mis­sion­ary for the inti­macy and most women do too!

Here is how to change mis­sion­ary posi­tion to “2 inches big­ger G-spot mis­sion­ary.” (Note: not only does it hit the spot, it also makes you feel 2 inches big­ger inside of her due to the “angle of the dangle”.)

What you want to do is take a nor­mal mis­sion­ary posi­tion and adapt it to hit the “orgasm zone.” Here is what to do:

  1. Again use a pil­low (or two depend­ing on phys­i­cal pro­por­tions) under her lower back but this time in mis­sion­ary position
  2. Start inside of her in mis­sion­ary and scoop under her legs and put them on your shoulders
  3. Now place your hands under her lower back between her and the pillow
  4. Lift her up so that as you thrust in to her again you are thrust­ing UP AND IN and hit­ting the top of her vagina! (note: the entire rea­son you have the pil­low is so that you don’t have to sup­port her entire lower body weight with your hands)
  5. Thrust up and in and the posi­tion that you have her in is sure to trig­ger an amaz­ing orgasm

Here’s how to take it to the NEXT LEVEL:

If you have the flex­i­bil­ity lean for­ward and kiss her while you are inside of her. Due to the close phys­i­cal con­tact with her (legs on shoul­ders AND hands around her lower back/ass) it is a very inti­mate posi­tion and adding in kiss­ing makes it highly emo­tional. If you are a guy that likes romance (like women do!) then you can also tell her how much you like (or love her) and that she is your girl. This posi­tion is often a girl’s favorite.

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Posi­tion #3) This Posi­tion Is Seated “Girl On Top” With Her Lean­ing Back

Girl on top

Let me explain…

Often your lover will climb on top and show that she wants to ride you for a bit. The rea­son she is try­ing to do this is because is instinc­tively try­ing to posi­tion her­self so that you are thrust­ing UP and IN!!

With a few sim­ple adap­tions to “girl on top” you can let her take con­trol while you lean back and watch her orgasm!!!
How to do it:

  1. Sit down in a chair or on a sofa (not on bed) and have her get on top fac­ing you
  2. Have her put her feet for­ward on the out­side of your body
  3. Tell her it would be really sexy to see her lean back
  4. As she leans back and start rid­ing you thrust straight up… due to the posi­tion­ing you will actu­ally be thrust­ing UP and IN
  5. Lean back on the chair or sofa and watch her ride you to orgasm!!!

Here’s how to take it to the NEXT LEVEL:

As she is rid­ing you, reach for­ward and stroke her clit in a light cir­cu­lar motion… now she is get­ting stim­u­la­tion on the inside “orgasm zone” and the exter­nal “orgasm zone”.

Beware: She will come quickly!

Now that you have learned WHY nor­mal posi­tions don’t give women orgasms and you have the knowl­edge as to WHAT DOES GIVE HER ORGASMS.

Take con­fi­dence in that fact that if you use JUST ONE of these posi­tions you’ll be blow­ing her mind in a way that prob­a­bly no other man ever has!

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