The 9 Types of Orgasms… And How to Give Them to Her!

9 Types of Orgasms

How to give your woman a scream­ing, toe-curling orgasm

Orgasms for a man are EASY to understand.

You sim­ply thrust, get aroused, fin­ish, and go to sleep =)

Most men can only have one type of orgasm… after which they usu­ally lose their erec­tion tem­porar­ily before they can get hard and have another.

Women how­ever, can have MANY dif­fer­ent types of orgasms.

These orgasms range from those that are barely notice­able to her man, to SCREAMING, TOE-CURLING, even bed soak­ing squirt­ing orgasms (Woo!)



And… unlike men, the TYPE of orgasm a woman has is often 100% CONTROLLABLE by her sex­ual part­ner! (you)

One of the first steps to giv­ing your girl the strongest orgasms of her life is RECOGNIZING that YOU have con­trol over her orgasms.

Lucky you =)

My point is that you should never blame your girl for not com­ing. Always be hon­est with your­self, and ask your­self if you are really sex­u­ally sat­is­fy­ing her.

Let’s talk about some of the types of orgasms women are capa­ble of having.

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Fore­play Orgasms:

These orgasms take place dur­ing fore­play (or “pre-penetration” as I like to call it).

Fore­play orgasms are sooo impor­tant… because they allow your lover to “warm up” and have mul­ti­ple orgasms later when you pen­e­trate her =)

Every GREAT lover should have the fol­low­ing fore­play orgasms in his playbook:

Nip­ple Orgasm: Not all women can have an orgasm through nip­ple stim­u­la­tion alone, but since a per­son­ally know a few who can I had to put it in here to make the arti­cle complete!

Cli­toral Orgasm: This orgasm con­cen­trates on the cli­toris. Not as intense as the deep spot and other vagi­nal orgasms but still a great warm up and rel­a­tively easy to give.

“Deep Spot” Orgasm: The “deep spot” orgasm is often the first time many woman have a true “inter­nal” orgasm, as it’s usu­ally eas­ier for a woman to have one of these than it is for her to have one dur­ing sex.

“G-Spot” Orgasm: Sim­i­lar to the deep spot orgasm but not quite as intense. Still a great orgasm to have in the bag of tricks to get her “primed” for mul­ti­ples dur­ing sex.

Now let’s talk about some of the orgasms women are capa­ble of hav­ing dur­ing PENETRATION:

Pen­e­tra­tion Orgasms:

Vagi­nal Orgasm: Nor­mal orgasm while you are inside of her, much like the “deep spot” orgasm. Usu­ally more intense than any fore­play orgasm but for some woman very dif­fi­cult to achieve. Far eas­ier to achieve AFTER a fore­play orgasm.

Anal orgasm: This occurs when you have a cli­toral or vagi­nal orgasm dur­ing “rear entry”. It feels very dif­fer­ent to a girl than a cli­toral or vagi­nal orgasm alone =)

Mul­ti­ple Orgasms: Mul­ti­ple orgasms are when your lover has an orgasm and you give her another (or many) orgasms right after. This is dif­fer­ent than the con­tin­u­ous orgasm which is described next.

Con­tin­u­ous Orgasm: This is when your girl has an orgasm but instead of let­ting her sex­ual excite­ment come down (as many women think they have to because they are sen­si­tive) you INSTEAD keep going and often even harder. This causes her to start orgas­ming UNCONTROLLABLY and over and over. With a con­tin­u­ous orgasm she will often be EXHAUSTED after and will always say she had no idea how many orgasms she had. 99% of women need to be ver­bally talked through a con­tin­u­ous orgasm as it is rare that pre­vi­ous lovers have EVER given this to her. She also has no way to do this her­self through mas­tur­ba­tion. If you give your girl this she just might become sex­u­ally addicted to you, so only do this with a girl you REALLY like!

Squirt­ing Orgasm: Ah, the mys­te­ri­ous one! Well first of all I will tell you, squirt­ing orgasms are VERY REAL and every woman has the “equip­ment” to have one! Actu­ally get­ting your girl to expe­ri­ence one of these intense orgasms is a whole ‘nother arti­cle alto­gether… but let’s just say they’re a lot of fun =) (Note: For a lim­ited time, in my 2 Girls Teach Sex DVD pack­age I’m includ­ing a Bonus DVD which shows you EXACTLY how to give your woman one of these wild, full-body orgasms she’ll never for­get! Check it out here:

So there you have it. Being a girl does have SOME advantages =)

You can dis­cover how to give your girl each and every one of these excit­ing orgasms in the 2 Girls Teach Sex DVD pack­age, but for now… since fore­play orgasms are THE KEY to giv­ing her PENETRATION ORGASMS, I’m going to show you how to give your girl a “deep spot” orgasm to start things off…

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How to Give Her A Deep Spot Fin­ger­ing Orgasm:

  1. Make sure your hands and nails are clean and trimmed.. oth­er­wise not only will you cut and irri­tate her skin but she will not have an orgasm.
  2. Warm up as usual kiss­ing her, rub­bing her, both of you get naked
  3. Insert your longest fin­ger (mid­dle fin­ger) palm up inside of her and go AS FAR BACK as you can
  4. While kiss­ing her and (then stop­ping kiss­ing her as she gets REALLY turned on) push the tip of your fin­ger into the top back wall of her vagina in a curl­ing motion (go deep!)
  5. Start slow, then vary the speed and pres­sure accord­ing to her response, steadily increas­ing pres­sure and inten­sity as you go. Most women need around 5 min­utes of this stim­u­la­tion to have an orgasm, but it’s dif­fer­ent for every­body. One thing is for sure though… when she DOES finally have an orgasm this way, YOU WILL KNOW IT!

Give this tech­nique a try, and be sure to check out the 2 Girls Teach Sex DVD pack­age if you want to watch Jes­sica and I demon­strate on each other

So now that you know how many dif­fer­ent types of orgasms your girl can have… It’s your job as a man to GIVE THEM TO HER.

Get to it! And if you want to find out how to give her each one of these eas­ily (you can even give her ALL of them in one night!) check out the 2 Girls Teach Sex DVDs.

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Talk soon =)



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