How Your Girl Acts When You’re Amazing in Bed

How girls act when you're amazing in bed

When you’re amaz­ing in bed she wants to please you!

I’ve talked to thou­sands of women about their sex lives and I have seen it all — the great, the mediocre, and unfor­tu­nately the most com­mon… the unful­filled and unsatisfied.

But the most sur­pris­ing thing is that most guys are com­pletely unaware of how they stack up in the bedroom.

So how big of a deal is it anyway?

And how do you know where you stack up?

Let me tell you something.…

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It’s a HUGE deal!

Women crave sex FAR more than men. If you don’t believe me, then you are not giv­ing her good sex. PERIOD.

The dif­fer­ence is that women only want GOOD sex.

As a guy, you can have pretty mediocre sex and still fin­ish. And even if the sex is phe­nom­e­nal, most of the time you are still only going to fin­ish once.

Women on the other hand, usu­ally don’t fin­ish AT ALL from mediocre sex.

And no mat­ter how “close” she tells you she was, or how good she tells you it was, if she’s not “get­ting there”, she is disappointed.

And if it hap­pens reg­u­larly we actu­ally start to resent it, and even start to resent you for not learn­ing how to do it right.

But from GREAT sex a woman can eas­ily fin­ish 3, 5, or even 10 times. The dif­fer­ence between amaz­ing and just OK sex is not nearly as sig­nif­i­cant for guys as it is for girls.

And here’s some­thing else you should know:

Guys that can give us AMAZING sex are few and far between.

So if YOU are the guy giv­ing a woman amaz­ing sex, it changes EVERYTHING about how she’ll feel about you and how she treats you.

In fact, guys who I have coached into bed­room rock stars often describe it as “eye-opening” and even “life-changing.”

There are a lot of signs — both in and out of the bed­room — that you are NOT sat­is­fy­ing your woman. Here’s just a few signs your girl is not satisfied…

Signs IN the Bedroom

  • Your girl doesn’t always come, and often doesn’t fin­ish dur­ing intercourse
  • You fre­quently have to ini­ti­ate the sex
  • She is reluc­tant to go down on you, to have sex in cer­tain posi­tions, to try any­thing adventurous

Signs OUTSIDE of the Bedroom

  • You feel like you have to “earn” sex, by tak­ing her out or buy­ing her things, or by being on your “best” behavior.
  • You think your girl just doesn’t like sex as much as you do. She has to be in the right mood and not tired or stressed from work.
  • She nags you about house­hold respon­si­bil­i­ties, how you dress, how you act
  • You and your girl aren’t hav­ing as much sex as you used to, and not as much as you would like to

If these sound like you, you aren’t alone.


How Does Your Girl Act When You Are Giv­ing Her Amaz­ing Sex?

Make no mis­take about it, once you start giv­ing your girl amaz­ing sex, every­thing, and I do mean every­thing about the rela­tion­ship changes.

Inside the Bedroom

  • She wants to have sex more often than you do
  • She is eager to please you, enthu­si­as­tic to go down on you and try any­thing you suggest
  • She reg­u­larly comes from inter­course and fin­ishes mul­ti­ple times

Out­side the Bedroom

  • All nag­ging will end almost immediately
  • She buys you gifts, pays for din­ners, is eager to please
  • She is eager to do you favors

Don’t get me wrong, there is noth­ing wrong with buy­ing that spe­cial lady a present now and then, and you cer­tainly should =) but it shouldn’t be as a way to earn some­thing from her.

One guy came to me for coach­ing when he was really strug­gling. He was dat­ing a girl he really liked but he was hang­ing on des­per­ately. He knew she was los­ing inter­est quickly, thought she might be cheat­ing on him, and knew it was only a mat­ter of time until she left him for some­one else.

He was doing all the of the things that so many guys do when they are hang­ing on for dear life… buy­ing her expen­sive din­ners, gifts, any­thing that he thought would win her back and get her attracted again.

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But these well inten­tioned things were only seal­ing his fate

He was seem­ing more and more needy, and con­firm­ing that sex was some­thing he had to earn from her. Of course once you have this imbal­ance no rela­tion­ship can survive.

The imbal­ance was extend­ing out­side of the bed­room — soon she was mak­ing all of the deci­sions, what do to, where to go, who he hangs out with, what he wears… He was los­ing all con­trol.

Luck­ily he came to me when he did and with the prin­ci­ples of the P.A.V.E. sys­tem and the tech­niques and atti­tudes we teach at 2 Girls Teach Sex he was able to turn it all around.

Boy did things change! Soon she was the one beg­ging him for sex — she couldn’t get enough! She would always be kiss­ing him and sit­ting on his lap. And just a cou­ple of weeks later she asked him to move in with her.

Another guy came to me because he was get­ting blown off by a girl hethought he was see­ing. In fact, he was out at din­ner with her one night, and she had arranged for a guy (her real date) to meet her at the same restau­rant after their din­ner was over!

He knew he was about to end up in the “friend zone” and thank­fully got help before it was too late (Great sex starts way before you get to the bedroom!)

With a lit­tle coach­ing he was able to get his rela­tion­ship back on track, and after they had sex things really started to change. Just a few weeks later she paid for a beach house for the week­end so she could have him all to her­self. Need­less to say it was a wild weekend! =)

I heard from him again recently and he said this same girl had just recently told him she wanted to bring another girl home to have a three­some with him.

Remem­ber these two things:

  1. Women crave GOOD sex more than men crave sex
  2. If you are giv­ing your woman amaz­ing sex, she will do every­thing she can to please and keep you — both in and out of the bedroom

So with this in mind, why aren’t more guys great in bed?

Well, up until now, there wasn’t really a place for them to learn what to do.

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I really hope you enjoy them… but most of all, I hope you enjoy the way your girl treats you when you are doing her right =)



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