Are You Man Enough In The Bedroom?

Be a Man in the Bedroom

How to take charge in the bedroom


That is what the “A” stands for in the P.A.V.E. sys­tem I show in the 2 Girls Teach Sex DVDs, and it’s the topic of your 10th and final lesson.

I saved one of the best lessons for last, and I mean it. There are few things that turn a girl on MORE than a guy who com­mands author­ity in the bed­room. When you act like a man it makes us feel like women =)

There are a lot of ways to be author­i­ta­tive with your girl. Here are six you can use to get on the right track, tonight!

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1) Take Charge!

This starts right from the begin­ning. Don’t ASK for sex. Just make your move! What women want is a man who can lead the inter­ac­tion.

Here’s a great way to show her you’re in con­trol: Once you have her turned on, naked, and ready to go, tell her she isn’t ready yet.

Tease her, and tell her she has to beg for it before you will give it to her.

Then tell her what posi­tions to get in, tell her what to say, tell her what­ever… just make sure you are leading!

Make her orgasm on your com­mand. When she is get­ting close, tell her you want her to come for you. OR tell her she isn’t allowed to come until you say it’s OK. Then keep doing her hard and make her wait for your OK.

That last one is an advanced tech­nique =) (I explain exactly how to do it in my 2 Girls Teach Sex DVD pro­gram), and we girls looooove it. Try it out!

2) Talk Dirty

The whole author­ity thing back­fires if you pro­ceed to have silent sex with me!

Start early… If you’re meet­ing up with your girl later, call or text her ahead of time and tell her you’re going to do bad things to her. Tell her she bet­ter be ready.

Don’t know what to say once you are all over each other? Start by just describ­ing what you’re doing, then tell her what you’re about to do to her.

Tell me what posi­tions to get into. Tell me to talk dirty to you, tell me what­ever, but save the “I Love You’s” for another day!

3) Do Me Hard!

You can’t be author­i­ta­tive if you aren’t giv­ing it to me hard, plain and sim­ple. Save the sen­si­tive love-making for another time. You have to put me in posi­tions that are good for this — dog­gystyle is GREAT and so are a lot of other posi­tions I cover in 2 Girls Teach Sex (duh =) )

But don’t con­fuse hard with fast. You don’t have to be pound­ing away like a jack­ham­mer — just full, hard, and deep.

Get Phys­i­cal! Gen­tly but firmly pull her hair from the back near the roots, slap her lightly on the ass, throw her onto the bed, “mock” rip her clothes off with your teeth!

4) Use Author­ity Through­out the Whole Experience

Lead the way, tell me what posi­tions to get in, and I will love it.

Talk dirty to me and I will love it.

Do me hard and I will love it.

But do ALL of these things… and watch me totally lose con­trol and come over and over at your command!

5) It’s All Relative.

Author­i­ta­tive for one cou­ple might be com­pletely dif­fer­ent from author­i­ta­tive for another couple.

If you have been hav­ing bor­ing, quiet, mis­sion­ary sex, with the lights out for the last 15 years — you have to be care­ful not to do too much too soon. This can make her uncom­fort­able and ruin the experience.

So start out slow if you have to. As you both get more com­fort­able you can keep adding to the author­ity… and hav­ing more and more fun!

6) IMPORTANT: Author­ity is not the same as being mean!

Author­ity is all about being in charge, and telling the girl what you want. It’s NOT about degrad­ing her, mak­ing her feel uncom­fort­able, or being too serious.

One of my favorite things is when a guy is author­i­ta­tive in a play­ful way. It’s more about him know­ing that I enjoy him being in charge, that he’s not afraid to tell me what he wants, and that I can just safely give in to him.

Remem­ber, author­ity is one of the best ways to get and keep a woman 100% sex­u­ally satisfied.

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This wraps up your 10 Sex Lessons.

Many men have told me JUST these lessons have changed their entire sex lives! And taken them from clum­sily mess­ing around and “hop­ing for the best” in the bed­room to con­fi­dently giv­ing their women orgasm after juicy orgasm… whether it’s their very first time with a girl, or some­one they’ve been with for years!

In fact, one of the rea­sons why I’m so excited about the 2 Girls Teach Sex pro­gram is because of just how pow­er­ful this knowl­edge is when it comes to relationships.

You see, when you hit it off with a woman, and she starts think­ing about becom­ing inti­mate with you… a girl will often become very ner­vous…

And the BETTER you get along, and the stronger the con­nec­tion… the MORE ner­vous she gets…


Well, take it from me… EVERY woman has had the expe­ri­ence of hit­ting it off with a guy, and being really excited about start­ing a rela­tion­ship with him… only to sleep with him and dis­cover he doesn’t know what he’s doing in the bedroom.

There is really no big­ger dis­ap­point­ment for us girls.

ESPECIALLY if we like the guy a lot.

Because we know that if a guy is at a cer­tain age, and still doesn’t know what he’s doing in the bed­room, it is very unlikely he’s going to “snap out of it” and all-of-a-sudden fig­ure out how to get us off.

It’s a real bum­mer. And it hap­pens a lot.

On the other hand, if we meet a guy who IS great in bed, it’s a RARE treat!

Most women have dated so many bed­room losers that when we find a guy who knows how to get us off, he basi­cally has us for as long as he wants.

And we are TOTALLY fine with that =)

The other rea­son I’m excited about 2 Girls Teach Sex is because of how it has helped men who are already IN relationships.

I can’t tell you how many men of all ages have writ­ten me telling me how 2 Girls Teach Sex has enabled them to inject new life and FURIOUS PASSION into their relationships!

My favorite let­ters to read are the ones where the guys tell me about how it’s now their girl who’s the one ini­ti­at­ing the sex =)

Other emails I enjoy read­ing are from guys who use these tech­niques to give their girl her very first orgasm from pen­e­tra­tion… or even her first orgasm, period!

And let’s not for­get mul­ti­ples and my favorite, squirt­ing orgasms. Woohooo!

So here’s the deal sir… I want the next let­ter I receive to be from YOU =)

I’ve put this pro­gram together to show you EVERYTHING there is to know about how to rock a woman’s world in the bedroom.

From get­ting her hot and heavy for you… to ways to kiss that make her melt… to giv­ing her intense orgasms dur­ing fore­play… to how to make her scream so loudly dur­ing pen­e­tra­tion she’ll bust your eardrums (I mean that in a good way hehe)… it’s ALL in here!

But don’t take my word for it. I want to prove it to you.

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That’s the only way I feel is fair.

If you’re seri­ous about becom­ing the type of man women RAVE about to their friends… and dream about when their wussy boyfriends are clum­sily try­ing to get them off and FAILING… then you owe it to your­self to make this invest­ment in your sex life.

Imag­ine if you use just one of these pow­er­ful tech­niques to give just one girl mul­ti­ple orgasms. Wouldn’t that alone make it worth it?

Of course, it’s much more likely that you’ll use this stuff to rock the body and mind of every woman you are with from now on… and that’s why I’m so con­fi­dent you’re going to love it =)

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You, and the women who are lucky enough to make love to you… will be glad you did =)



P.S. Every DVD set is dis­creetly pack­aged so even your mail­man won’t know what’s inside! Even the discs them­selves just say “2GTS” on them so you can leave them on the counter and no one will ever sus­pect any­thing! Your credit card will be dis­creetly billed as “ISN Edu­ca­tion”. In fact, the only one who will ever know you got your hands on these tech­niques are the lucky ladies you use them with, so get yours now and start today!



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