10 Ways to Tease a Woman to Get Her Turned On

Ways to tease a woman

Tease her to build antic­i­pa­tion and get her turned on

This just may be the sin­gle FASTEST way to get a woman to see you as a ROCK STAR in the bed­room… so pay close attention!

Today I’d like to share a secret with you that is going to get you MORE sex and BETTER SEX… for both you and your girl!

It involves some­thing 99% of the men on the planet don’t know about women:

The LONGER you take to get a woman’s clothes off… and the LONGER you wait to go down on her… and the LONGER you wait to have sex with her… the MORE likely she is to have an orgasm!

Let me explain:

We’ve all heard the phrase “women are like an oven, they need to be warmed up”… but what most guys don’t know is WHY and HOW.


Guess what fel­las… your most pow­er­ful weapon in the bed­room is not your john­son… but the force of ANTICIPATION!

Girls LOVE to be teased… WAAAAY more than men! And the longer you take to do EVERYTHING… the HOTTER and MORE TURNED ON your girl is gonna get!


Here is a step-by-step guide to undress­ing your girl in a way that builds INCREDIBLE ANTICIPATION that will drive her absolutely CRAZY! (in the best way possible =) )

By fol­low­ing these sim­ple steps, you’ll have her so turned on by the time she is naked that she will be BEGGING to have you inside of her! (This is directly from the 2 Girls Teach Sex DVDS, so pay attention)

(Warn­ing: Some steps may sound basic, but I’ve thrown in some fun tricks to SPICE UP the sim­ple stuff… so make sure you read this guide all the way through!)

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Here we go:

1.) As you are kiss­ing her, rub your hands firmly up and down her back. Once you’ve been kiss­ing for sev­eral min­utes, work your fin­gers under the bot­tom of her shirt, and cir­cle back to her stom­ach (still kiss­ing, but alter­nat­ing between her lips, neck, and ear lobes.)

2.) Gen­tly scratch her back as you are kiss­ing her, and softly but firmly slide your hand up under her hair at the nape of her neck and give a nice squeeze =)

3.) Lift up her shirt and take it off in the smoothest way pos­si­ble, being care­ful not to pull her hair!

4.) Now that her shirt is off, slowly progress your kiss­ing down­ward towards her breasts, kiss­ing the upper area, and still rub­bing her lower body with your hands.

»> BONUS TIP! Gently but firmly, pin her arms above her head and hold them there with one hand while you caress her body with your other, still kiss­ing all over. Girls LOVE this!

5.) As you are kiss­ing her neck, reach behind and unhook her bra. If you get stuck, don’t worry! Just smile at her and say, “assis­tance please” and she’ll unhook it for you.

6.) DO NOT GO STRAIGHT FOR THE BOOBS! Go back to kiss­ing her on the lips and neck! (In fact, until you are fully going down on her, you should always return to her mouth every so often to kiss her pas­sion­ately). Then, tak­ing your time, make your way down to her breasts, but DO NOT GO FOR HER NIPPLES! Kiss them in slow cir­cles, leav­ing the nip­ples for LAST!

7.) When you get to her nip­ples, lick them gen­tly, alter­nat­ing between the 2. When your mouth isn’t on one, your fin­ger should be on the other (lick it for lubrication =) )

»>BONUS TIP! Some girls LOVE to have their nip­ple pinched! I would say at least 50% of all women! Start gen­tly of course, and increase the pres­sure and watch her reac­tion. If she seems to be get­ting turned on, squeeze a lit­tle harder and ask her if she likes it. She’ll let you know =)

8.) Move down to her stom­ach, and use the same slow, anticipation-building style. Try to kiss every inch of it! Slip your tongue under her waist­band to tease her once in a while, and “acci­den­tally” graze your chin over her “area”, breath­ing heavily

9.) Kiss her on the mouth again while you go to take off her pants. But NOT her panties! It’s time for the fun part =)

»>BONUS TIP! Take her right leg, and start­ing at her foot, kiss EVERY INCH OF IT, work­ing your way down in slow cir­cles! This should take A WHILE… and she will be LOVING EVERY SECOND OF IT! Then, when you get to the “good spot”, breathe heav­ily OVER her panties, let­ting her feel the heat! Then go back to her left leg (start in the mid­dle this time) and do it all over again!

By the time you get back down to her “area”… she’ll be BEGGING you to rip her panties off and give her more!

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10.) Give her what she wants =)

So there you have it! This entire process should take around 30 min­utes… and will get her more turned on then she’s EVER been before!

Build­ing antic­i­pa­tion like this paves the way for her to have INTENSE orgasms… and lots of them at that.

Oh, and if you’re with a woman for the very first time, this is a pretty good way to make HER be the one beg­ging YOU to be inside of her, not the other way around =)

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Talk soon,


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