7 Speed Dating Tips for Men

Speed dating tips for men

Mas­ter speed dat­ing with these 7 tips

If you’re think­ing of try­ing your hand at speed dat­ing then these speed dat­ing tips will help you get the most from the event. Speed dat­ing can be a lot of fun, but it can also be intim­i­dat­ing if you’re not a nat­u­rally out­go­ing and con­fi­dent with women. Keep these 7 speed dat­ing tips in mind to get the most of your speed dat­ing experience.

Speed Dat­ing Has Many Benefits

Before we dive into the 7 tips here is a quick reminder of the many ben­e­fits of speed dat­ing for men:

  • Speed dat­ing is a great way to quickly meet a lot of women and increase your dat­ing options.
  • It’s an excel­lent way to prac­tice mak­ing a great first impression.
  • Speed dat­ing can also be an invalu­able means of improv­ing your con­ver­sa­tion skills and increas­ing your con­fi­dence with women.
  • And it can even help you to desen­si­tize your­self to rejec­tion and approach anxiety.

Tip #7 Know What You’re Look­ing For

You know, most peo­ple never get what they want out of their dat­ing life because they don’t know what they are look­ing for in the first place.

Go in with a spe­cific set of stan­dards which will help you to iden­tify poten­tial women who you want to meet again. If you have this, you’ll come off as con­fi­dent and deci­sive, which women find attrac­tive. It will help you to tar­get your ques­tions and find out what you really need to know about the woman you’re meet­ing.

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Tip #6 Be Opti­mistic and Upbeat

Go into the event expect­ing to get pos­i­tive results, this will serve two pur­poses: it will help you to come off as more con­fi­dent and pos­i­tive and it will make you more likely to get pos­i­tive results.

An inter­est­ing thing hap­pens when you know exactly what you want and you expect to get it… you usu­ally get it. So take some time to men­tally pre­pare your­self for the event and go in expect­ing a pos­i­tive result.

Tip #5 Don’t Com­mit Too Soon

If you’re going to a speed dat­ing event, make the most of it by keep­ing an open mind about who you might meet next, even if you meet some­one great at the start. Keep your options open and don’t get your heart set on one par­tic­u­lar women.

If you do, you might end up miss­ing out on other oppor­tu­ni­ties because you’re putting all your eggs in one basket.

Tip #4 It’s Okay to Make a List

Since you’ve already deter­mined what you’re look­ing for in a girl, go ahead and make a list of impor­tant ques­tions to ask. Just make sure that you ask a few fun ques­tions as to not come off too seri­ous or businesslike.

Don’t worry about mem­o­riz­ing the ques­tions, it’s com­pletely nor­mal for other peo­ple at the event to have a list, so it’s okay for you too.

Tip #3 Dress Well

When it comes to first impres­sions, appear­ances def­i­nitely mat­ter and every one judges a book by its cover to some degree. So take some time to pick out clothes that com­pli­ment your per­son­al­ity and which help you to feel con­fi­dent and attractive.

Also pay atten­tion to your per­sonal hygiene and groom­ing. This will make a world of dif­fer­ence in the impres­sion you cre­ate.

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Tip #2 Be in the Present Moment

Women can tell instantly when a man is dis­tracted and not present in the moment, so it’s impor­tant for you to be present with who­ever you’re speak­ing too. Be a good lis­tener and pay atten­tion to things like body lan­guage and facial expressions.

You can often tell a great deal about some­one by these things if you’re present and really pay­ing atten­tion. Not to men­tion that most peo­ple are “lis­ten­ing chal­lenged,” espe­cially when they are in a hurry.

Tip #1 Enjoy Yourself

This is really impor­tant. Don’t take the event too seri­ously as that will just make you appear ner­vous and not con­fi­dent. Remem­ber, your life is here and now, it’s the only time that you can live in, so make the most of it and have a good time.

Chal­lenge your­self to find some­thing inter­est­ing in all of the women you meet, even the women who you’re not roman­ti­cally inter­ested in, and have fun, even if you don’t think you’ll be see­ing them again.

Even the women who you’re not inter­ested in, find some­thing inter­est­ing about them and have fun… even if you don’t think you’ll see them again.

Clos­ing Thoughts

I hope you found these tips help­ful. Like with any dat­ing, it’s vitally impor­tant that you project a pos­i­tive self-image to demon­strate that you’re a man of value. I’m sure that you have many pos­i­tive qual­i­ties (kind­ness, gen­eros­ity, intel­li­gence, thought­ful­ness, a sense of humor etc.) so don’t sell your­self short.

Remind your­self that you have a lot to offer and that any woman would be lucky to meet some­one like you. This pos­i­tive mind­set will help to boost your con­fi­dence. Hold your head up high, shoul­ders back, smile and let your pos­i­tive attrib­utes shine through!

And remem­ber, like with any inter­view sit­u­a­tion it’s a two way inter­ac­tion and it’s per­fectly nor­mal to get a lit­tle ner­vous. Every­one has fears and anx­i­eties and chances are that all the women at the event will be ner­vous too, so don’t let that stop you from get­ting out there and hav­ing a good time.

Have you tried speed dat­ing or think­ing about try­ing it? Let me know in the comments.

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